There is Still No Proof That the Evil Jew Ruth Bader Ginsburg is Alive

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
January 13, 2019

The evil Jew Ruth Bader Ginsburg has dedicated her entire life to kiking the goyim.

People are outraged around America today as no substantive proof has been offered proving that the evil Jew Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is alive. This outrage comes after it was announced that Ginsburg would miss yet another week of court hearings.

Fox News:

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will miss next week’s court sessions and work from home, but her recovery from early-stage lung cancer surgery remains “on track” and no further treatment is needed, the court announced Friday.

“Justice Ginsburg will continue to work from home next week and will participate in the consideration and decision of the cases on the basis of the briefs and the transcripts of oral arguments. Her recovery from surgery is on track,” Supreme Court public information officer Kathy Arberg said in a statement.

“Post-surgery evaluation indicates no evidence of remaining disease, and no further treatment is required,” she said.

Considering the importance of the United States Supreme Court in our society, it is in the public’s interest to know if all of the court’s justices are actually alive. If there is any question that one of the justices is not alive, immediate proof of life must be offered. Otherwise, it erodes public confidence in the trustworthiness of the institution.

It’s quite disturbing that the Supreme Court is claiming that they can issue important rulings when the public has no idea if Ginsburg is alive or not. It’s no wonder why the White House is already preparing for another Supreme Court vacancy. Even they don’t seem to know if the old hag is dead or alive.

All the people are asking for is proof that this evil bitch has not descended into the pits of hell. This is not an unreasonable request. At minimum, Chief Justice John Roberts could demand Ginsburg be filmed holding the current edition of a prominent newspaper. Sort of like what captors do to their kidnapped hostages when they need to offer proof of life. Of course, if she were alive and fully capable of performing her court duties, she would be physically showing up at court as her job requires.

And look, nobody is claiming with 100 percent certainty that she is dead. We just have no way of knowing because she’s not showing up to work. But quite frankly, it is not fair to the American people that we have a justice on the Supreme Court who is unable to show up to court and do her job. If this situation continues, Ginsburg should be forced off the court allowing the Trump administration to appoint an immediate non-Jewish replacement.