There is No Way Trump is Going to Open the Country Back Up in Three Weeks

You, circa a few weeks from now, colorized.

As predicted, Donald Trump wants to open the country back up in the wake of this flu hysteria.


A startling 6.6 million people filed their first claims for unemployment benefits last week, bringing the total for the past three weeks to 16.8 million people. That’s about 11% of the US labor force — a shocking number, given that unemployment was at a historic low until the pandemic erupted — and a grim new indicator of the scope of damage the coronavirus has wreaked on the US economy.

Health experts have said from the beginning that only the virus sets the timetable for when the mass pause is over. President Donald Trump wants to fast-forward. He has specifically expressed interest in a “big bang” reopening, where the entire country comes back online at once, perhaps as soon as May 1.

Also as predicted, the entire system is pushing back against him, and he is in a difficult position to defend himself from WHO, which is saying that the virus is too dangerous, after he just attacked WHO for not promoting the virus as too dangerous.

The Guardian:

The World Health Organization has warned that a premature lifting of restrictions on peoples’ movements by countries fighting the coronavirus pandemic could spark a “deadly resurgence”, as global deaths from the virus passed the grim milestone of 100,000.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the head of the WHO, said it was working with countries on ways in which lockdowns could be gradually eased, but said doing so too quickly could be dangerous.

“I know that some countries are already planning the transition out of stay-at-home restrictions. WHO wants to see restrictions lifted as much as anyone,” he told a virtual press conference in Geneva. “At the same time, lifting restrictions too quickly could lead to a deadly resurgence. The way down can be as dangerous as the way up if not managed properly.”

America’s top infectious disease expert also cautioned against moves to relax restrictions, echoing calls from other global public health officials but putting him at odds with Donald Trump, who is agitating for a reopening of the coronavirus-battered US economy.

Anthony Fauci said “now is not the time to back off” on restrictions, despite what he described as “favourable signs” in America’s early hotspots.

Yes, of course.

Reckless Donald is “agitating” and Saint Fauci the Doomwhisperer is warning against this dangerous “agitation.”

Whether or not we go into a long-term lockdown, like the 18 months that Zeke Emanuel is promoting, or ease restrictions earlier, there is no way we’re doing it next month when they can still claim people are dying of the flu.

What they will do is launch a moral crusade in the media, with state governors rallying to say they won’t support an opening up. Then in the Republican states that Trump can open up, the media will do an absolute assault, trumping up every death and claiming that Trump caused a Holocaust. He knows that’s what they’ll do, so he doesn’t really have any options if he can’t get the Democrats on board.

Getting the Democrats on-board comes back to public opinion, just as it was with the stimulus bill. Democrats put themselves in a position where they were publicly denying people their right to $1,200, while claiming to be fiscal conservatives. I don’t know if Trump will be able to rally support to open up – maybe he will. But right now the media is involved in a blitz to keep that from happening. Trump himself has lent his own credibility to the vile little goblin Fauci, who will continue to make unhinged predictions with no basis in reality.

What a little faggot.

I’ve also speculated that Trump would be pretty easily swayed into keeping the country locked down by people claiming they will get an economic fix in as long as the lockdown lasts for X amount of months. Of course, they won’t actually have a solution, and it may well be that Donald Trump is well-versed enough in economics to know they won’t have a solution. It’s a topic he seems to understand.

But does he understand the kind of hell on earth we are going to wake up to when we do open this up, if we ever do?

I don’t know how anyone is going to react to that, because the message simply is not being clearly communicated by the Jewish media. They are reporting some of the numbers, and saying “oh, troubled times – might be as bad as the Great Depression!” They are not telling you that this is literally an apocalypse that cannot be compared to literally anything else that has ever happened in history, which will make the Great Depression look like baby’s first fondling by interracial gay dads.

One other thing is clear: in economic terms, it doesn’t really matter when we open up at this point, the damage is already done. It can’t really be made much worse.