There is No Such Thing as a “Corona Denier”

How hysterical coronavirus believers see Andrew Anglin

I recently came across a tweet from a right-wing blogger I hadn’t heard from in a while, who I’d always taken to be a pretty sharp guy. As it turns out, he’s in a state of coronavirus hysteria, and is lashing out against anyone who doesn’t “believe” in the virus.

This person went so far as to post pictures of people who have died and claim that people who don’t believe the media on this think that no one is actually dying…!

Internet right-wingers lashing out at “deniers” as they scream about millions of dead is not something I ever expected to see, but there it is.

I’ve removed his name because I’m not trying to “put him on blast.” I actually feel for these people who are caught in this state of hysteria, as it is a legitimate psychological condition. Even though right-wingers tend to say they don’t believe the media, the media still has power over most people on a subconscious level, so they are able to get swept up in this hysteria. Their subconscious minds are taking over, in a panic situation, and the subconscious mind has no ability to parse falsehood.

The fact that he is claiming that people dying means that the virus is everything the media says it is demonstrates that he is not in anything close to a stable mental condition. This is more or less the exact same thing as when you tell someone you don’t believe in Nazi gas chambers and they say “I’ve seen a tattoo!”

Along with “denier,” the other term that internet right-wingers who support the hoax are using is “minimizer.”

This is also pulled directly from Holocaust confirmers. Jewish “Holocaust survivor” and Berkeley Professor Coby Lubliner has written that a “minimizer” is a “subspecies of denialist.” But, okay. Whatever. I’m sure they’re not conscious of how bad it looks for people who obsess over Holocaust revisionism to be borrowing all this language. It’s just part of the hysteria.

Insofar as it goes, I am probably the most prominent “denier” or “minimizer” on the right-wing internet, so I can speak to what exactly it is that Coronacaust deniers believe with some authority.

But firstly, I should note that attempting to frame this as fringe, or a conspiracy theory, especially this late in the game, is either Jewish-level dishonesty or a result of hysteria. The positions I’m going to lay out here are shared by one of the most prominent medical authorities in the country, Dr. John Ioannidis of Stanford University.

Many other prominent authorities have spoken out against this hoax, including two other professors from Stanford, Eran Bendavid and Jay Bhattacharya, who published a March 24 op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about the dishonest way in which the denominator of the morbidity rate was being manipulated, and came to the conclusion that the real number was the same as any other flu.

Beyond this, the entire country of Sweden has sided with our view.

The fact so many corona confirmers claim that those who don’t believe the entire media narrative on this virus are “conspiracy theorists” who “deny science,” to the point of embracing Jewish Holocaust language, demonstrates the place of absurdity they are coming from.

I do not deny the virus exists, I do not deny that people are dying from it. Things are simply different than the dumb narrative being presented by the media, Governor Cuomo and Bill Gates.

This is what I believe:

The “novel coronavirus” that causes “COVID-19” is in the same league as the novel coronaviruses that we have every year that cause “the flu.” Without data, there was no reason to assume that it was any more deadly than any other flu virus. Now that we have quite a bit of data, we know that it is at worst a mildly bad strand of the flu.

If we use the numbers of the government, which is admittedly calculating the deaths differently than it ever has with the flu, this will end up being the second or third worst flu in the last decade. However, the fact that they are advising hospitals to record more or less every death as a coronavirus death makes it impossible to know. They are certainly recording every non-coronavirus flu death as a coronavirus death, as well as all deaths of the elderly and cancer patients, but they might even be recording heart attack deaths as coronavirus deaths.

In Italy, over 99% of people who died had preexisting illnesses, and in the UK that number was 91%.

When looking at the data, we also have to consider that the lockdown we’ve implemented has most likely increased the infection rate for the virus significantly. We have never done this for the flu before, where we force people to stay in their houses breathing recirculated air while sending them to gather together in crowds at the supermarket. There is currently no way to calculate how much this is increasing the infection rate, but the fact that the infection rate is so much higher in the UK, where they have a lockdown, than in Sweden, where there is no lockdown, is a very interesting data point.

Another important point which I have pushed is that all the people who actually are dying of the virus – and again, it’s hard to tell who those people are, given that as Dr. Ioannidis has noted, they are not making a differentiation between people who die of the virus and people who die with the virus – would have died from a different strand of the flu if they hadn’t died of coronavirus. The overwhelming majority of people who are dying, as you can clearly see in the picture included in the above tweet, are old, chronically ill, obese, or black (the latter have a lot of different health conditions, for various reasons). In both Italy and Wuhan, the median average age of death was 80 years old. These are the same people who have generally died of the flu every year.

This is what we mean when we say “hoax.” The hoax is that something different is happening than what happens every single year. They are reporting on the very few cases of young or otherwise healthy people dying of the virus, in order to blow this up. Every year, a few healthy people get the flu and die. In this very season, the 2019-20 flu season, 166 children died of the flu in the United States. As far as I can tell, they’ve only claimed that one child died of coronavirus, an infant, and despite the headlines that were presented, doctors said they were investigating because they don’t believe the death was caused by coronavirus.

If you are committed to classifying this as a separate virus from the flu, that is fine, as we really are at that point getting into semantics. Yes, the majority of flu deaths are from its namesake, the influenza virus, which is not a coronavirus. However, coronaviruses have previously caused a disease that was labeled “the flu,” so I think it brings understanding to classify this the same way. However, even if you classify it as its own separate “COVID-19” syndrome, you have to admit that it is killing people who would otherwise have died from a different flu virus.

Remember, There is No Shame in Admitting You Were Wrong – The Shame is in Pushing Forward After You’ve Been Proven Wrong

I know a lot of people were committed to the idea that this was a deadly virus that was going to kill us all. Although I was never in a hysterical state, early on I was reading /cvg/ threads on /pol/ and was interested in the idea it could be a deadly new virus. I was saying that publicly, here, as the regular reader will recall. However, as I got more information about coronavirus, and as I went back and researched the history of the flu, I came to the conclusion that this virus was nothing, and the hysteria was a hoax. I made hard predictions about the death toll and the course of the virus, and all of these predictions have turned out to be correct. This is not because I’m a genius, or a prophet – all the data is publicly available (I’ve linked much of it here). All you have to do is look at it while not in a state of manic hysteria.

You need to look at the data yourself, and you need to snap out of the hysteria, because this fake crisis has brought forth a real crisis that you need to deal with. The economy has collapsed. We could be entering into a total apocalypse. You need to figure out how you are going to deal with this, and you need to do it now.

Your life is going to change drastically. Even if there is nothing you are able to do in terms of your money and your living situation to shield yourself, at the very least, you need to prepare yourself mentally for the shock that is coming. Most likely, you are not going to have a job when this is over. There is a very good chance you will end up homeless by the end of summer. You need to snap out of your bedazzlement at this hoax and deal with the reality situation.