There is a Difference Between Richard Spencer and a Prison Gang Member

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 16, 2015

I have the term “White Supremacist” on my Google News feed. This means I am alerted to any story with “White Supremacist” as a keyword.

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of Donald Trump stories, most of them about how this website supports him. Along with this, I get updates about Dylan Roof and Glenn Miller. A couple days ago, I got VICE’s interview with Richard Spencer.

Yes, they actually called him a "White Supremacist" in the headline.
Yes, they actually called him a “White Supremacist” in the headline. That’s after they asked him if he was a “White Supremacist” and he said he was not.

The term “supremacist” is defined thusly:


If that is the actual definition being used by the Jewish media, I am not one of these people, nor have I ever personally met one of these people. No one that I am aware of has any desire to “rule over” any other race. Every White advocate I know simply wants to be left alone.

We are all of course aware that we get called this. It is just an insult. Name-calling now passes for journalism.

But who else gets called this?

People in prison gangs. About have the stories that come up on my “White Supremacist” feed are about such persons.

Selection_999(238)Virginia Man With Ties to White Supremacist Group Sentenced in Murder for Hire Plot | NBC4 WashingtonSelection_999(237)

Needless to say, such persons are significantly different in orientation and purpose than Richard Spencer or myself. Though the term “White Supremacist” probably doesn’t apply to them either.

These men are from prison gangs. Because in prison, everything is divided by race by default. As such, Whites adopt symbols of racial aggression. These happen to be the same symbols politically-oriented White activists use. But prison gangs are not a political group.

Typical Nazi prison gang member.
Typical Nazi prison gang member.
Typical Richard Spencer
Typical Richard Spencer.

Of course, someone with a bunch of Nazi prison tattoos could end up being politically active. But the majority will not. The majority of prison gang members, once released, are focused on criminality, often the production and distribution of methamphetamine. They are also sometimes involved in murder-for-hire.

It is obvious that the media has a desire to associate White political activists with prison gangs through the use of this non-sense term.

The good news is that “White Supremacist” as well as “Neo-Nazi” and the various other insults they use are losing their effect as they increasingly apply them to everyone who dares question the modern system of White oppression and displacement.

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