There are Still Several Countries the US Military Might Need to Have a Hot War With

You can think of geopolitics as looking something like one of those horrible electric razors.

There are three kinds of countries:

  1. Those already part of the globo-homo feminist alliance for Double Anal Extravaganzas
  2. Those that are one foot in, one foot out, that can be coerced
  3. Those that are locked all the way down

Category two is a wide category, from the Gulf states to Thailand to some African countries. They just need some tweaks. Russia is also on the outer end of category two, probably, or between category two and three (there is a large social movement there and the “democratic” process and the necessary revolutionary apparatus to install an anal regime).

Category three is very small.

It is basically just:

  • China (also to various degrees the Asian client states – Laos, Burma, Cambodia, Malaysia, but probably not the African pre-client states, yet)
  • North Korea (also a Chinese client state but relevant enough to geopolitical news to get its own category, and also different than the Southeast States in that it is totally closed)
  • Iran
  • Syria
  • Cuba
  • Venezuela

We are already in various states of war with most of these countries (yes, sanctions are an act of war).

Probably, within a year, we’re going to be in a hotter war with one or more of those countries. It might just be one that gets “made example” of.


Venezuela’s National Assembly has backed a move to kick the EU’s ambassador to Caracas out of the county and rejected Brussel’s decision to sanction 19 Venezuelan officials for “undermining democracy” and human rights abuses.

“I vote with both hands for the European Union representative to be declared persona non grata,” Assembly Speaker Jorge Rodriguez said on Tuesday before calling for the vote which demands a revision of the EU’s presence in Caracas.

Later on Tuesday, the National Assembly, which is controlled by President Nicolas Maduro’s Great Patriotic Pole party, voted unanimously to reject Brussels’ sanctions and requested that Maduro declare the head of the EU’s delegation, Isabel Brilhante Pedrosa, persona non grata and proceed with her expulsion.

One thing we know for certain: we are in the final stages of the establishment of a unified world government.

Coronavirus, linked with global warming, is the rocket fuel for this agenda. But these meddlesome holdout states have to get on board.

You’re seeing man-on-man anal and female dominance promoted in all of the above mentioned category two countries. But at some point, hotter measures are going to be needed against these holdouts.

Unless of course, these Biden people bitch out, in which case, by 2030, the world will be totally dominated by China.

The Jews have accused me of supporting a Chinese takeover of America, which I have never done. However, I did say that I don’t think Chinamen would be forcing transsexual education in schools, nor do I think they would force race-mixing.

One thing is clear: there is no scenario whereby whites rule the world again.

Some version of Trumpism where he was able to get his own people in key positions in the deep state bureaucracy was the very last, very long-shot chance for that.

Of course, if there was a total collapse Mad Max scenario, nature would take its course and in a couple hundred years we’d be in charge again. But the Chinese system is getting more stable by the hour, and I just don’t see why, if China just bought up the world, there would ever be a collapse (unless it was some kind of rogue AI situation, or some kind of genetic engineering and cyborg disaster).

The one possibility is that the US puts off the war with China for so long that it ends up that both countries are destroyed, and then it goes Mad Max. Right now, the US could wipe China off the map, but there is a countdown to mutual destruction, then eventually, Chinese dominance. D-day for Chinese dominance is probably 2030. But maybe 2035.

The thing is that there is only so far that superior technology can compensate for total institutional incompetence, and the race to negrofy everything is inevitably going to change the timeframe here. But the reverse of that is that no matter how impressive their military might seem, for China, the idea of getting into a war with non-Asian people has the appeal that bat soup has to white people.

They are putting on a good show, but that’s all it is – a show. At the heart of the Chinaman is a mantra of “work hard happy day fun family time haha, nice day, make good feel happy, big boss is big time money.” You will never understand these people, and neither will I, but I’m going to understand them better than you, and I can tell you: they do not want a war. They are totally bred for domestication.

The flipside of that, however, is that if there is a war, they don’t have emotion invested in it at all, and they will do things that no white person can imagine doing.

For example, if a Chinese person saw on TV that China had just nuked most of the cities in America and Europe and killed hundreds of millions of people, his reply would be:

“Oh, sad times, but must make good for happy days, big boss knows.”

That is the exact thought going through this guy’s head:

Point being: The dynamics of the build up to a war between a totally diversified, anal, woman-run police state nightmare hell America and a successful and generally happy China are so weird, it could make your head explode just thinking it through, but it ultimately comes down to massive American military might.

Joe Biden brought in Super-Hawk Jews to run his State Department. These Jews make Mike Pompeo look like a fat little Baby the Hutt. So I’m thinking war is most likely. Probably, the Biden Machine is going to send troops to defend the Indian border. They’re trying to get China to send troops to Burma, but I think if the tides change in Burma and the stupid whores with their Hunger Games salutes win and turn the country full anal, China is going to pawn sacrifice. Actually, I’m sure they will. But it is interesting to watch the State Department set up this bait.

It’s also possible that they could engineer some kind of proxy war in Africa, just to turn the heat up. There is Chinese military and paramilitary all through Africa, and you could at any moment have the New York Times and CNN turn on a 24/7 story of “oh Kony’s back, it’s child soldiers and rape and they killed babies too – and he’s funded by the Chi-coms – we gotta send in troops.”

China’s first foreign military base is in Djibouti, which is a fake country in relatively close proximity to Israel.

Who knows – the Chinese might be setting up some kind of situation where they are just like “yeah you can nuke us, but Israel goes first.”

I don’t know what the hell is going on, honestly. It’s not easy to just piece this stuff together by myself. These Atlantic Council and Hudson Institute documents are not only the most painful possible thing a person can be forced to read, but they also don’t really line up very well with the reality situation.