There are Only Two Choices: Following the Truth or Embracing Fear

Roosh V has really been an inspiration to me, and I have some various thoughts to share about him.

In some ways we’ve had similar journeys. I was never as degenerate as he was, nor am I now as devout as he is. Still, there is a lot of overlap in terms of getting involved in right-wing politics, working through it, and ultimately finding that the only hope is to be found in Jesus Christ.

Roosh started out in “pick-up artistry.” I never read any of his materials on that topic, but I do have some comments on the topic, which I think will help to put Roosh’s journey into perspective.

As regular readers know, I’ve always been against “PUA,” as it is clearly designed to teach men to cater to the desires of women. The basic concept presented is that you’re going to somehow trick women into having sex with you by meticulously developing a false image of yourself, but in actuality, all you are doing is changing yourself to be more like what a woman wants you to be.

In the modern world, women can have sex with whoever they want. They decide who they have sex with based on whether or not they deem the man worthy of their hole. You’re not going to trick them. If a woman agrees to have sex with you, she is doing so because she approves of your presentation of yourself. As long as men associate masculinity with having sex with women, we are in a situation where women can define masculinity however they want it defined.

What pick-up artists continually assert (or used to assert, since they’re not really around anymore) is that “women like dominant men.” That therefore implied that by changing yourself to become more attractive to women, you were engaging in a form of self-improvement at the same time. However, I have not seen evidence that women have any objective measure for what kind of men they have sex with. The only thing we can be sure that a woman is necessarily attracted to is social status – however, she is the one judging the social status, and her ability to judge these things is far from objective.

Regardless: the only metric of success in “scoring with bitches” is women’s approval. You are giving her control over how you view yourself. Do you think she is going to be responsible with that kind of power?

Men’s brains are hardwired to believe that the man getting the most women must be the most masculine, given that in nature, the tribal chief would get the most women. However, this is not the case anymore. Right now, women can choose based on anything that meets their fancy, and men who are attractive to women tend to be shallow, fake, amoral, vapid, boring, and have various traits that I associate with homosexuality.

When I hear a man say “bro, to get girls you just have to be alpha,” I assume that he’s gone insane.

The thing that I always said was: what is the purpose of trying to have sex with all of these women? I understand the basic biological frustration of not being able to have sex at all, but these men who devoted their lives to trying to bag as many sluts as possible struck me as having a psychological disorder, wherein they needed the approval of women. Clearly, this need for approval was associated with the entire feminist paradigm of women’s opinions mattering.

Therefore, I have always viewed the pick-up artist lifestyle as a way to reinforce the norms of a society that puts women and their desires at its center. The doctrines of pickup artistry are that men should devote themselves to getting the approval of women. The sex itself is not really that big of a deal – certainly, it is not worth the effort. What men involved in this are clearly striving for is validation from women. They are making themselves into props in the feminist system – sources of entertainment for these mindless sluts.

It can’t be about sex. Men who need this kind of approval clearly have mommy issues. They are trauma victims of the feminist system. Getting sex within this paradigm is no different than your female teacher patting you on the head for being a good boy.

Pick-up artistry ultimately became pointless and absurd as soon as women all got these smart phones and the sex apps. Everything about sexual dynamics changed with the cellphone.

Furthermore, it is now so easy to get accused of rape that no one with any sense would dare try to go out and meet strange women to have sex with. Also, it’s not even possible because of the virus regime.

Men have generally lost interest as well, probably for a whole number of reasons.


Roosh was early to ditch the pick-up stuff. He realized it was all pointless and stupid, and that this desire for women’s approval noted a weakness – not a strength.

He then became a primary thought-leader of the “manosphere,” which was real anti-feminism, and often involved analyzing the sexual depravity and general solipsism of women and the way that is destroying society.

Having cleared his brain of the Stockholm syndrome of pick-up artistry, Roosh went down the rabbit hole. He helped a lot of men who were trapped in that lifestyle, devoid of meaning and basically psychologically enslaved to women, to break free of it. This was before he became a Christian – he was clearly on the right path, helping guide men who were noticing the same things as he was noticing.

Real anti-feminism quickly becomes anti-Semitism, given that it doesn’t take long to figure out who promoted this idea that women – who are fundamentally incapable of taking responsibility for their own actions – should have unrestrained power in society.

He read The Culture of Critique and said basically: “I don’t know what to say other than that this is obviously all true.”

It was hilarious when the various Jewish “anti-hate” groups announced that they were moving him from the misogyny section to the anti-Semitism section of their list of haters.

If a man stays true to himself, by the end of his journey, he will be on all of the ADL’s lists.

(Note that they also put him in the “terrorism” section – that used to be funny, but it is becoming less funny under the Biden administration, which is openly equating disagreeing with the establishment with violent terrorism.) 

Roosh has always been a great writer, and he put out a lot of great stuff in the 2010s, in his post-pickup era. In 2018, he went full Christian, and has remained consistent for more than two years now.

He is a new man, guided by Jesus.

I haven’t read his new book yet. I wanted a physical copy of it, and I haven’t been able to make that happen. It chronicles his tour of the United States, which he streamed a lot of.

I followed those streams, done in 2019 before the virus hoax. They were called “Babylon Road.” The collection is available on his BitChute channel. I don’t remember when exactly he was banned from YouTube, but he went to DLive, but (smartly) refused to commit too much to it, thinking they would just pull the rug like YouTube did.

I have continued to follow his streams on BitChute.

Here’s one about women from last year.

He’s on point with pretty much everything. He’s been excellent on the virus hoax. He’s one of the few really breaking it down.

His 4-hour April 2020 stream on the virus was legendary.

Generally, I appreciate the way he really zeros in on how homosexuals and women are used to attack masculinity, and how attacks on masculinity, and the authority of men in society, are attacks on God. Like Jesse Lee Peterson, he has clarity on the fact that masculinity is at the core of spirituality and therefore of morality.

Like Jesse, Roosh relies on an instinctive understanding of the way the pieces of this system all fit together to attack the order of nature.

What is fascinating to me is to look at the way God led Roosh along a path: he was interested in women, presumably because of issues with his mother. This led him to gain an understanding of women, and how decadent and depraved they are. From there he began to investigate why women have been given such absurd levels of power in our society. Then he found the Jews. Once you find the Jews, you cannot help but come to the conclusion that their evil stems directly from the fact that they have built a collective identity around the murder and rejection of Christ. Seeing the way these evil people hate Christ, one cannot help but investigate this Christ figure – and then everything fits together.

This demonstrates that God has a path laid out for everyone, and He wants everything we do – even and especially our sin – to bring us back around to Him.

His path is just one of many that people can take to come to Christ. Any way you live, anywhere you are, you will be presented with these little pieces of truth, and if you start following the truth, you will end up with God. In order to not get to God, you have to reject truth.

I’ve been fascinated watching how the entire Alt-Right has turned into a bizarre circus show. Virtually all of the main figures that were involved in that movement during the Donald Trump campaign have now ended up promoting the coronavirus hoax and endorsing Joe Biden’s presidency. It is truly shocking to see. However, what I now realize is that these people were unwilling to follow the truth the whole way and so ended up in a world of ridiculous lies.

There ultimately is only two ways to go: there is a path of truth that leads to God, and there is a path of fear that leads to lies and confusion, and ultimately to hell.

People either care about the truth or they don’t. If you simply want the truth, above all else, you will end up where you are supposed to end up. But if you get scared of following the path that the truth lays out for you, and you veer off, you can end up wherever.

Following the truth requires bravery and honesty, but it also requires humility. You have to be willing to look at your own self, and the lies that you’ve incorporated into your image of yourself, and cleanse yourself of them. Pick-up artistry really is about as ridiculous of a lifestyle of lies that anyone could follow. (Well, actually there are much worse. But it’s pretty bad.)

Roosh’s humility in everything is really an inspiration.

God has a plan for all of us, and all He asks us to do is embrace the truth, whatever it is, and follow it.