There are Many Legitimate Reasons to Explain Why People Hate the Jews

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 6, 2019

It is perfectly logical to hate the Jewish race because their collective racial behavior is evil.

There is a misconception promoted by a number of highly dishonest individuals who claim that anyone who hates Jews hates them for no specific or explainable reason. They claim that they are driven by irrational hate and smear them as “anti-Semites.”

This notion is entirely ridiculous and absurd. The fact of the matter is that the Jewish race has been hated throughout history because of their subversive and parasitical behavior. They infiltrate societies and feed off of them through trickery, scams and fraud. Generally speaking, people have no reason to hate the Jews until they encounter them first hand and see for themselves the collective chicanery they’re involved in.

Adolf Hitler, who is considered by the Jews to be the most notorious anti-Semite in modern history, wrote in his book Mein Kampf that he only began to hate them after observing their behavior.

Sometimes I stood there thunderstruck. I didn’t know what to be more amazed at: the agility of their tongues or their virtuosity at lying. Gradually I began to hate them.

Before Hitler came across Jews during his time in Vienna, he had no reason to dislike them. But you can say pretty much the same thing for anybody else who the Jews consider to be an “anti-Semite.”

My understanding of the Jewish problem came about in a similar way. I originally viewed Jews as just a goofy group of people with weird religious beliefs. I had no reason to specifically hate them. But once I saw that nearly every diabolical and subversive political agenda I disliked was being pushed by Jews, I went from being an anti-Zionist to being a full-blown “anti-Semite.”

The issue isn’t even necessarily with individual Jews themselves. Throughout my life, I’ve dealt with a number of Jews who did nothing specific to make me personally dislike them. The problem is that the Jews collectively as a racial group represent a dangerous presence to our nations. This is largely due to their biological behavior, which is based around infiltrating and subverting cultures from within. It is a survival mechanism inherent in the Jew no different than a parasite which survives by feeding off of a host organism.

It is this specific parasitical behavior which is why I want them removed from our nations. They swindled their way into positions of power and have used this power to do great damage to our people.

Here are just a few examples illustrating the subversive racial behavior of the Jews which has made me hate them. This is by no means a complete list as there are literally an endless number of examples one could cite to justify their hatred of the Jews. But just this list alone represents more than enough justification to have their entire race purged from Western civilization for all of eternity.

Jewish involvement in the 9/11 attacks

It is an admitted fact that the Jews were heavily involved in the 9/11 attacks. Israel knew in advance that these attacks were going to happen. But instead of warning the United States like a good ally would do, they sent Mossad agents to secretly film the attacks. They behaved recklessly and were spotted celebrating the attacks, which ultimately resulted in their arrest and eventual deportation back to Israel. Upon their return, they admitted on Israeli television that they were in New York City to document the attacks.

Some other facts:

60 Israelis were arrested for spying activities inside the United States following the attacks.

15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi nationals, which is significant considering that Saudi Arabia for all intents and purposes serves as a proxy state of Israel.

Employees of the Israeli instant messaging company Odigo received text messages warning them of an imminent attack on the Twin Towers two hours before the attacks happened.

The World Trade Center was owned by the Jewish billionaire Larry Silverstein who just happened to take out an enormous insurance policy covering him for terrorism on the buildings a few months before the attacks. He also admitted in a PBS interview that he was involved in a decision to deliberately “pull” or demolish the WTC-7 building, meaning that explosives had to have been planted in the building prior to the attacks.

What this proved is that the hijackers couldn’t have pulled off these attacks on their own.

Jews and Israel were also the primary beneficiaries of the attacks. George W. Bush’s administration was filled with Jewish neocons who helped architect the so-called “War on Terror,” which was used as justification to invade countries hostile to Israel. In the years that followed, the United States invaded Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya while launching all sorts of drone strikes around the world in the name of this Jewish terror war.

There is simply no denying the Jewish and Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attacks. The fact that Jews were complicit in these attacks is a very legitimate reason to hate the Jews.

Jewish Holocaust Hoax

For decades, Jews have falsely claimed with no evidence that Germans during World War II systematically murdered six million of them in concentration camps. They have further claimed that Jews were gassed in wooden shower rooms, masturbated to death, burned in ovens, given rides on death roller coasters and killed via other incredibly bizarre and unusual methods.

This enormous lie has been used to con the world into believing that they as a race have been perpetual victims, even though they are the single most wealthy, privileged and powerful group on the planet. Much of the political system that exists in the West today is based around ensuring that another Holocaust does not happen even though the original so-called Holocaust never did. If the Holocaust wasn’t a hoax, the Jews wouldn’t have lobbied to have laws passed making it a crime in numerous European countries to question it.

Point blank, the Holocaust is a hoax that is only real in the minds of Jews.

All the insane Jewish lies surrounding this retarded fable is another very legitimate reason to hate the Jews.

Ritual Circumcision with Oral Suction or Metzitzah B’peh

Jews have very disgusting religious practices. One of the most disgusting is the rabbinical practice of circumcising and sucking the blood off of babies’ penises. This so-called religious practice is demonic. It is a gross violation of a defenseless infant and not something any normal person would find appropriate. There are numerous horror stories surrounding this horrible ritual including a baby dying from herpes after having it performed on him.

The fact that Jews consider this an important religious tradition certainly represents another legitimate reason to justify hating them.

Jewish Control Over Hollywood and Entertainment

Since the early 20th century, Jews have exercised control over most major Hollywood film studios and entertainment companies. Since that time, they have promoted all sorts of degenerate garbage through their movies, television and music. Today, we see things like homosexuality, trannyism, race-mixing, feminism, abortion, drug use and other horrible things regularly promoted as normal, trendy and cool by these Jewish companies. They have used their control over the entertainment industry to push social engineering agendas that are extremely harmful and destructive to our people.

The fact that this agenda is so transparently deliberate is another perfectly justifiable reason to hate the Jews.

Jewish Control Over Big Media

In addition to controlling the entertainment industry, most major media and news organizations have been taken over by Jews. ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times and many other media operations are run or dominated by Jews. These Jew-run media outlets have promoted endless lies as a way to con our people into supporting all sorts of agendas that are not in our interests.

They pushed lies about weapons of mass destruction to justify the disastrous invasion of Iraq, and they are doing the same thing now to justify an invasion of Iran. The amount of lies they have pushed on us is endless and it is perfectly proper to harbor hatred towards these Jews for doing this.

Jewish Control Over Social Media 

Not only do Jews dominate the media but they also have control over the major social media sites which comprise the modern day digital public square. Jews run Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google and YouTube. These Jew-controlled sites stifle any sort of dissent or criticism of their behavior as evidenced by all the people and groups they have banned or blacklisted over the past several years. Even sites like Twitter, which are not directly run by Jews, are pressured by Jewish groups like the Anti-Defamation League to accept Jewish censorship practices.

The fact that Jews are playing a major role in stifling free speech on the Internet is another justifiable reason to hate them.

Jews Have Conspired to Flood Our Countries with Low IQ Brown and Black Populations from the Third World

Jews are at the center of promoting open borders and advocating for a flood of low IQ brown and black people from the third world to resettle in nations that were created by White Europeans. They are deliberately trying to genocide the White race out of existence through this agenda. Whites are unquestionably the most creative and innovative race on the planet. Much of what we have today is due to the genius and creative abilities of White men. The fact that they seek to destroy the most creative of the races is a testament to the evil nature of the Jew and shows that they stand in direct opposition to the creator.

The Jewess Barbra Lerner Spectre fully admitted that people would hate the Jews due to their leading role in helping transform Europe into a multicultural cesspool.

The fact that these Jews openly admit that they are trying to genocide and destroy all of the natural creative potential of the White race is another perfectly acceptable reason to hate the Jews.

Jewish Usury and Control Over the Banking System

Jews didn’t just gain all this power in a vacuum. They gained much of their power by engaging in usury and other financial scams. The modern day version of Jewish usury is perpetuated through the Central Banks and their associated member banks. These organizations run a monetary system that is entirely based off of debt. They literally create money out of nothing and charge interest on the money that is created on computers. From there, nations are forced to pay interest on this debt that was created out of thin air which is paid via excessive taxation on the people. It is no coincidence that the Federal Reserve was founded at around the same time that the income tax was implemented.

But what the Jews are doing today is no different then what they were doing over 2,000 years ago. Back then they were ripping people off by forcing people to buy Jewish Temple coins at insanely high prices that could only be used inside of the Temple. There was a man named Jesus Christ who did not appreciate the fraud that these Jews were engaging in so he stormed their Temple and forced the money changers out.

Suffice to say, this type of financial fraud is yet another perfectly justifiable reason to hate the Jews.

Jews Were Responsible for Killing Jesus Christ

The Jews are also the race responsible for killing Jesus Christ, the aforementioned central figure of the Christian religion. They had him crucified because he challenged the Jewish power structure of the day.

Even today, Jews are proud and openly brag about how their evil race was responsible for killing Jesus. The hateful Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman even said that she would kill Jesus again if she had the chance.

This is undeniably another justifiable reason to hate the Jews and especially a justifiable reason if you are a Christian.

The point to all of this is very simple. There are many perfectly reasonable and justifiable reasons to hate the Jews. I have just laid out a number of specific reasons why I and many other people hate the Jews. Our hatred is not irrational but based in logic and common sense. The people who say that these are not justifiable reasons to hate the Jews are basically claiming that an organism should not hate a parasite that is feeding off of them. Such a position is laughably ignorant and stupid.

Jews are a plague on our nations and on our people. We need to do everything in our power to have them removed. Potential annihilation awaits us if we do not implement a practical solution to the Jewish problem.