Theranos Scam Artist Blames the Whole Thing on Her Boyfriend

Theranos was one of the single biggest scams in all of human history, run by a woman who claimed she had created a magic device that could detect any illness by pricking your finger.

She is now going to trial, and to the surprise of absolutely no one, she is blaming all of her actions on her boyfriend.


Theranos Inc founder Elizabeth Holmes has accused her former boyfriend, who was president of the blood-testing startup, of abusing her, court documents unsealed on Saturday showed, hinting at a possible defense strategy with jury selection in her fraud trial set to start next week.

In court filings submitted more than 18 months ago, Holmes’ lawyers said they planned to present evidence that Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani abused her emotionally and psychologically in a relationship that spanned more than a decade. That includes the period when the company claimed its technology could enable a wide array of medical tests with a few drops of blood.

Theranos, which Holmes founded in 2003 at the age of 19, collapsed in March 2018 when she, Balwani and the $9 billion company were charged with fraud by U.S. regulators. Theranos had made Holmes, a Stanford University dropout, a Silicon Valley star.

In the filings Holmes’ lawyers argued that the alleged “intimate partner abuse” was relevant to the question of whether she knew that financial information provided to investors and others was false. Holmes intends to blame Balwani, alleging he exerted controlled over her through the abusive relationship, the filings indicate.

Balwani, whose case is being handled separately, has denied the allegations.

As we’ve covered extensively on this website, whenever a woman is charged with a crime, she will blame the closest man in her vicinity. Generally, this is her boyfriend.

To be fair, it is totally impossible for the brain of a woman to recognize the possibility that her own actions could have led to a negative consequence. In a woman’s brain, everything that happens is the result of someone else doing something.

This is because women do not perceive themselves as making decisions. They perceive that every action they take is the result of some kind of external factor upon them.

Traditionally, this perception of women was taken into account: it was assumed that they can’t really be responsible for anything. However, that meant that they couldn’t have responsibility for anything, either.

You can’t have both.

Feminism always seeks both: they seek total empowerment of women, while at the same time claiming that a woman cannot ever be responsible for anything she does wrong, because she is totally powerless.

If those things seem in conflict with each other, they’re not really: feminists seek to enable women to do anything, without ever experiencing negative effects. That means necessarily that they exploit both sides of the issue, rejecting or embracing traditional views of women however it suits them.

It’s obviously not feasible to have women have all of this power but no responsibility, and it is completely destroying our society. But everyone seems okay with it.

Holmes ran this great scam. All of these boomer men who funded her clearly just wanted to believe in the magic of women’s empowerment, so when she told them she made a magic device, they just dumped money on her.

Here’s a documentary about the scam.

Ironically, what she did is very similar to what Elon Musk is doing right now.

By the way – I’m sure her Pakistani boyfriend was in on the hoax.

But it was her hoax.

She was the inventor of the entire hoax.