Then the Registrars Came for VDare – But I was Already Banned

I literally just typed this morning that the censorship of normie-tier sites is going to escalate to the level of censorship that I’ve experienced here – and then I find this.

ABC News:

An internet registrar is threatening to delist a website that is a leading promoter of white nationalist and anti-immigration views, a move that could make the site accessible only to diehard users willing to use a special browser to find it on the dark web.

Network Solutions’ parent company, Group, notified a civil rights group on Friday that it has “taken steps” to terminate the company’s account for, which would make it unreachable on the public internet unless it can find another provider willing to register the domain name.

VDARE remained online Monday. The website has until Thursday to transfer the domain before Network Solutions may delete its services, a parent company lawyer said in a letter to a VDARE attorney last week.

In April and in May, the head of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law sent letters urging Network Solutions to drop VDARE. Kristen Clarke, the Washington, D.C.-based group’s president and executive director, wrote that VDARE peddles “anti-immigrant and anti-Black hate,” spreads misinformation about the coronavirus and encourages violence against migrants.

“This is part of our ongoing work to confront the ways in which hate activity festers online,” Clarke said Monday. “We know that many white supremacists and extremists are not organizing in basements. They are using these platforms and websites to spread their dangerous ideologies, target victims and incite violence.”

In Friday’s response to Clarke, a company attorney said VDARE’s content “does not represent the values of our organization” and violates its “Acceptable Use Policy.” The policy bars customers from using its domains “to display bigotry, racism, discrimination, or hatred in any manner whatsoever,” the same company attorney said in a letter to a VDARE lawyer last week.

VDARE founder and editor Peter Brimelow said his site’s content hasn’t changed in the 20 years that it has been a Network Solutions customer.

“Censorship is just intensifying,” he wrote in an email on Monday. “We’re still working on a replacement, but there is certainly a chance we’ll have to go dark for at least a couple of days. And anyway we have no confidence that any US-based site will stand up to the PC lynch mob for long.”

Many websites that publish white nationalist, white supremacist or anti-Semitic material have struggled to stay online or been booted off mainstream internet platforms, often after violent attacks by far-right extremists.

Google and GoDaddy yanked The Daily Stormer’s web address after the neo-Nazi website’s founder, Andrew Anglin, published a post mocking the woman killed when a man drove a car into a crowd of counterprotesters at a 2017 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Yes, let’s all remember that I was banned for a post making fun of a fat woman who died of a heart attack. The claim was that you’re not allowed to make fun of people who die. I pointed out that there is a series of books called “The Darwin Awards” that mocks people who die in stupid ways. But Heather Heyer was given sainthood, and no one wanted to admit how fat that bitch actually was.

Even now, they only ever show pictures of her that were taken at flattering angles years before her death to obscure the fact that this bitch literally weighed 250-275 when she had that heart attack in Charlottesville.

This VDare banning is happening quickly – they were only just banned from Facebook, and now they’re getting the hardest ban possible.

This isn’t the first time VDARE has been dropped by a technology company. Facebook announced last month that it removed accounts linked to VDARE and other groups, including pages devoted to the QAnon far-right conspiracy theory.

Brimelow sued The New York Times Company in January, claiming the newspaper defamed him by referring to him as an “open white nationalist.” The suit seeks at least $5 million in damages.

Last Thursday, newspaper lawyers urged a federal court in New York to throw out the lawsuit, accusing Brimelow of playing “word games about how his fringe views should be characterized.”

“Brimelow has promoted theories at the heart of white nationalism and white supremacy, including that certain races are predisposed to commit crime and that IQ is linked to race,” they wrote.

Well, if these are the new rules, then they need to ban the FBI website as a hate site.

No doubt in the near future, the FBI is going to change the way it calculates these statistics, but as of right now, the FBI website does qualify as a hate site.

Brimelow has denied that his website is white nationalist but acknowledged it publishes works by writers who fit that description “in the sense that they aim to defend the interests of American whites.”

Brimelow also operates a Connecticut-based nonprofit, VDARE Foundation, which raised more than $1.8 million in tax-exempt gifts, grants and contributions between 2014 and 2018, according to an IRS tax filing.

I told all of these people that they were going to get banned if they allowed me to get banned, and none of them bothered to defend me. I guess Brimelow really thought that because he’s a semi-mainstream figure, who used to be invited to GOP events in Washington, that they would allow him to keep running a blog.

Alex Jones thought the same, and didn’t say anything when I was shut down.

Now here I am, relegated to a “.su” website, with no money, banned from every single social media platform and…. well, you people know of my suffering, and more importantly, Jesus knows of it. I’m not going to go through it all right now.

Saying “I told you so” is pointless anyway. Everyone knows I told them so. But everyone thought it was a good idea to avoid standing with me because I guess they thought it would look bad to just say, “I don’t agree with his extreme rhetoric, but he’s done nothing illegal and he has a right to free speech.”

But no.


Freedom of speech is over, they are going to shut down all of the normie websites, the only people on “the right” who will be left are bizarre neo-Nazis who promote communism and voting Democrat. Mainstream Fox News figures like Ann Coulter are going to get banned, but you’re all still going to be able to get Richard Spencer’s latest hot take on how the true Faustian man would vote Democrat.

It’s simply infuriating how this has all turned out. In 2016, we were in a position where we could have entered the mainstream in a real way, and the whole thing just fell apart. Now, here we are, four years later, and they are cleaning up the very last remnants of our once glorious movement.

The only competent person on the right is Tucker Carlson. He is literally The Last Man.

Tucker was the only person who defended my rights when I was shut down. Alex Jones and Peter Brimelow were taking the high road, acting like I was a unique case, but Tucker went on Fox News – three separate times – and pointed out that the banning of me was a historic turning point in the suppression of speech in America.

Now we’re backed against the wall, none of us can even communicate with each other, and the blacks are about to start the killing.

When Biden gets elected, they’re going to pull out most of the police, and they’re going to allow blacks to come to your house and kill you. Of course if they get caught outright, they’ll be arrested, but if your neighbors call 911 when they hear you and your family screaming as you’re raped and tortured to death, the cops won’t come until the next day. They’ll clean up the bodies, but they won’t investigate.

The blacks will be on TV making excuses for slaughtering white people and encouraging more of it, while at the same time saying that it isn’t really happening, it’s isolated incidents, there are no mass killings, etc. Every website that would be talking about it will be banned.

If you shoot back when the blacks come to kill you, you’ll be arrested and prosecuted fully as a murderer. They’ll say you are a white supremacist madman who murdered a protester because you hated his skin tone and the courts will agree. People didn’t stand with James Fields, now everyone is going to be subjected to political imprisonment.

This is all happening now, and the little baby neo-Nazis who said they wanted a collapse are not even talking about the fact that we are now in a full collapse, and are instead making excuses for the system.


I don’t care.

We’re going to do it the hard way.

It had to happen this way, apparently.

We need to arrange ourselves into positions where we can support secession. That is what is left as an option at this point. It will work, eventually. But a lot of our people are going to die brutally before that happens.

You people need to get it together and understand that the killing is going to start very soon.

We had a chance to do this differently, and we missed that chance, now the only way is to ride out this dark part, and wait until the weight of this system they’re bringing in causes it to come unglued, at which point we can move to secede. We need you people to get into local government positions. That is the only thing left. Get in there, get ready to support a dissolution of the territorial United States.

That’s it. That’s your path forward. That’s your only path forward. Get into offices in local and state governments in majority white states, wait for the time when we can make our move. In the meantime, try not to get killed. Get it through your head that they are coming for you, then deal with whatever emotions you have to work through, then remain calm and move forward with the plan.

That’s it. That’s all we’ve got.