Them Niggas Evoire n Dorian Done Killed They a White Bitch in Miami

Them niggas Evoire Collier n Dorian Taylor done killed a white bitch when dey was doin they sprang break in Miami.

Them niggas was from North Carolina.

Them niggas done gib that white bitch a green pill, and dem niggas go her hotel room, dey fug dat bitch, dey take her munny, dey dip out.

That white bitch name be “Christine Englehardt.” She be a stupid bitch, her wite azz be fuggen with dees niggas.

These niggas take the bitch seal fong, she credet cards, then dey go on partyin. Dem niggas possin pitchers dey out gettin rowdy wif dat ded white bitch money, found they a black bitch spend it on.

Stupid ass niggas doin gang hands. Dat shit sho to help yo stupid ass at the court, nigga. “Dem niggas in the gang, dey got green pills, dey pickin on da wite bitch” is the judge goin be say.

Prolly if yall been partin wif dat black bitch in da firs place, she aint end up ded n she aint got nuffin ta still anyways. Yall know that white bitch gona die soon as she stars a party. White bitchels olways dyin out der, cuz they aint know how niggas be riden.

Nigga firsly, you a stupid nigga if you gone fug wiff a wite bitch. Yall niggas know that shit aint never turned up good for no nigga never when.

Then yall niggas gonna take she fong ader that bitch dead? The fug you thank? You know they spyin, they gon spy yo black ass. Yo on that spycam. Yo spendin from she credit card, at da ADM, nigga? Yo is crazy.

Yall niggas momma aint told yall niggas “keep yo black ass from dat wite bitch”? Firssly. Why aint yo stoopid black ass axed OJ hows that shit turned out fo he ass?

Then yall niggas thank there aint no spyin on yo ass.

Yall niggas out der is a buncha stupid ass niggas, n aint none of yall niggas ever stops ta thank fo yo doin nothin. Now yo momma be cryin, cuz yo black ass gon get locked up, cuz you aint follow she adviss.

Bitch ass cops sed dem niggas Evoire n Dorian be charge with burglary n battery, segzual battery, peddy theft and credid card fraut. Them niggas botta get hit wif sum mansladder as weil, cuz that wite bitch be ded.

Aint nunna yall niggas never thank bot nuffin, yo jus duz it, n das why we got smany problems in da communidy.

Apologies to NBC Philadelphia.