The Worst Thing About the Holocough is Fatphobia

Behind every insanity you can think of, there are dozens of Jews making money off of it

You guys remember that thing that makes you ugly, makes everything you do harder, and increases your chance of getting almost every medical condition known to medicine in a worse form than usual?

Yeah, obesity, that thing.

Turns out we were brainwashed all along, and the real problem is fat jokes.

The College Fix:

Counseling people to eat healthy and exercise while stuck inside during the COVID-19 quarantine is “traumatizing” to heavy people, according to a “fat studies” professor at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

Writing on her “Two Fat Professors” blog, Dr. Darci Thoune argues that “advice” about how to avoid weight gain during a global public health disaster will “continue to traumatize people who are already being traumatized.”

Yes, goyim.

You have “professors” of fat studies now.

And they look exactly like you’d think they do.

This is what Shlomo has turned your educational system into: a place where creatures that can’t grasp basic notions of reality are making a living telling other people to eat themselves into an early grave.

Are you happy with that?

While Americans shelter in place, “we need to seek solace and comfort where we can, and for some folx that solace and comfort will be in food,” Thoune writes, stating part of her mission is to “diligently fight the pervasive messaging of a relentless diet culture.”

“To persist in promoting the idea that gaining weight is dangerous, bad, or something that we should be preoccupied with in this moment (or any moment) only feeds into a system of fatphobia that oppresses and abuses so many even in the best of times,” writes Thoune.

Thoune singles out a Twitter meme featuring Little Debbie of snack cake fame turning into “Big Deborah” after 14 days of quarantine as particularly troubling.

“Troubling” does not begin to describe it.

Gaining weight isn’t bad at all, there are absolutely no downsides whatsoever.

Except for being oppressed by memes. That’s totally what’s really giving you diabetes, got it?

The only thing wrong in this picture is that kid not apologizing for his White CIS male privilege

BTW, notice how she says “folx” instead of “folks,” because now they’re just randomly taking words and adding an X to them for no reason.

Thoune partners in the fat studies department at UW-La Crosse with Prof. Laurie Cooper Stoll, whose article “Fat is a Social Justice, Too” was featured in the November edition of “Humanity and Society.”

Recently, students at UW-La Crosse have demanded new desks, arguing the use of smaller desks can cause “pain and social shame” to larger students.

“I often teach in classrooms with individual desks I can barely fit into myself, so I am acutely aware these desks are not accommodating for all students, especially fat students,” Stoll wrote of the students’ demands.

Those retards deserve pain and shame, and they’re most certainly not getting enough of either.

No sane society permits this type of degeneracy, instead it punishes it brutally.

But we’re not living in a normal society, so the degenerate elements can run wild.

While Jews are the creatures I hate the most on this planet, I do have to be fair and admit that fat women, of any race or ethnicity, are slightly more disgusting.

By a small margin though.