The Whole World Saw It, Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 15, 2018

Israel murdering sixty Palestinian protesters yesterday is the best thing that’s happened in months.

Maybe all year.

The Jews, you see, have this secret protection in the form of their stupid hoax about six million of them being gassed with insecticide in fake shower rooms and turned into lampshades. They have used this idiotic lie to greatest imaginable effect for seven decades, using it to justify literally anything they do, and to deflect criticism not only of Jews as a group but of individual Jews.

But as one Jew famously squawked: the times, they are a changin’.

And a hard rain is gonna fall.

On the Jews.

Time itself is wearing out the value of the Holocaust, and their dirty deeds are now ever more public, due to the way modern media works. The images juxtaposing Jews celebrating as Palestinians were slaughtered like pigs by their terrorist army are powerful.

Everyone is pissed off.

Leaders across the entire world, including many European countries, are summoning ambassadors. The media is struggling to downplay the issue.

But on social media and in the minds of the people… the Jews are now viewed as monstrous.

And that is what really matters: hearts and minds of the masses.

And though the media will try to bury this story, it is a big story, and it is a story that will be in people’s minds, resonating for some time.

It was a jarring thing, what happened yesterday.

You need to be talking to your normie acquaintances about this.

Discussion A

With the shitlibby ones, who maybe you’re not really close with, who don’t know your power level. Talk about how awful the slaughter was, and how shocking it is that something like this is allowed to happen in the modern era, and for Israel to suffer no consequences. Talk about how insane it is that universities are outlawing BDS, while Israel is committing atrocities worse than any other country on earth. And here’s the key: say Israel the first few times, and then just start saying “the Jews” in reference to Israel. If they protest or squirm at hearing “the Jews,” say “oh well I just mean, Israel is the Jewish state.”

We need to associate the actions of Israel with Jews as a racial group in people’s minds. That is very important.

Discussion B

With the normiecon acquaintances, focus on the idea that Israel is allowed to defend their border, and we’re not. Talk about how we should be sending our military to the border. Then, slyly, drop in the “interesting fact” that it seems to be mostly Jewish groups opposing our border security. Mention Chuck Schumer – all normiecons know him and hate him – being an Israel-supporting Jew who is for some reason totally opposed to building a wall or enforcing our immigration laws. Talk about how it seems like Jews have different policies for themselves than for us, and say: “I just don’t think it’s fair.”

Fairness is a big thing for normiecons.

They love Israel, whatever, okay – I think even they were probably a little bit bothered by the idea of just opening fire on crowds of civilians, but maybe they believe “they were all terrorists.” Whatever. What we want to do to normiecons is get them thinking about the Jewish role in America.


The events of yesterday are highly exploitable, and exploit them we must.

The mask is officially off.

The whole situation is volatile.

No one knows what’s going on anymore, and Israel has no idea the effect that the decision to murder all of these people is going to have on their nation’s standing around the world. We want it to have the worst effect possible, but we also want to focus on connecting Israeli Jewry to international Jewry.

The Jews are trying to start a world war, they are trying to get support for it, and they do this right in the middle of it – it’s perfect.

Our goal is singular: to drum up hatred of the Jews in as many of the 7 billion people on this planet as we can. Leftist anti-Semitism is good for this agenda. Colored anti-Semitism is good for this agenda. We talk about skanks and faggots and all the other minorities, but the head of the anti-white dragon is the Jew.

And he is our target.