The Western Media is Now Nonstop Falun Gong Anti-China Propaganda

The entire Western media has flipped like a switch and is now 24/7 Falun Gong anti-China propaganda.

I’ve been telling you for years they were going to do this. Now, the Jews, in Haaretz, have already printed the Falun Gong atrocity gibberish about organ harvesting – and all bets are off.

It’s just all weird atrocity propaganda, the same kind that we are so familiar with from the Epoch Times. None of it is provable, and even if it is true, who cares? Why would I care about some fat whiny Chinese woman getting a tube because she’s on huger strike after getting busted for picking quarrels and stirring up trouble?

The Guardian:

A citizen journalist detained for more than six months after reporting on the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak has had a feeding tube forcibly inserted and her arms restrained to stop her pulling it out, her lawyer has claimed.

Zhang Zhan, a 37-year-old former lawyer, has been on a hunger strike at a detention facility near Shanghai. Zhang was arrested in May and accused of “picking quarrels and stirring up trouble”, an accusation frequently used against critics and activists inside China, after reporting on social media and streaming accounts. Last month she was formally indicted on charges of spreading false information.

In a blog post on Wednesday, Zhang’s lawyer, Zhang Keke, said he visited his client on Tuesday afternoon, and found her unwell and exhausted.

“She was wearing thick pyjamas with a girdle around the waist, her left hand pinned in front and right hand pinned behind,” he wrote. “She said she had a stomach tube inserted recently and because she wanted to pull it out, she was restrained.”

Zhang Keke said she was in “constant torment” from 24 hours a day of restraints, and needed assistance to go to the bathroom.

Oy vey, goyim, thick pajamas like they made my grandpa wear at Auschwitz before they masturbated him to death with a masturbation machine.

There is nothing I hate more than defending the Chinese, frankly.

But this is all a gigantic scam.

We have serious problems in our own countries:

  • We are being overwhelmed by immigrants
  • All of our rights were stripped from us by this coronavirus hoax
  • The economy was totally collapsed in order to transfer trillions in middle class wealth to the corporations and elite billionaires
  • Children are being turned into trannies
  • The US election was just stolen
  • We are going into even more weird coronavirus restrictions
  • We have an opioid epidemic that is going to get a lot worse with the collapsed economy
  • We can’t even hold the family unit together, due to mass, epidemic feminism
  • Everything is gay

And it goes on and on.

The single last thing we need to be thinking about is China.

But it is so easy to “look over there” when the media says “look over there,” and thus keep our minds off our own problems.

I’m just here to tell you: this China stuff does not matter.

It is a huge distraction.

They are flooding you with nonstop China atrocity propaganda to distract you from what is happening right in front of you, in your own country.

Joe Biden might end up stepping down from presidential office because of his links to the Chinese. That would honestly be the best play for them at this point. That would silence the Republicans, who would feel like they won something, even whilst the election will still be stolen.

Biden is going to have to step down because of his health no matter what, so it isn’t a real sacrifice, and it forwards their agenda totally.