“It’s Sad That the West has Done What It’s Done” – UK Gov’t Fatbody Starts Crying About Afghan Surrender



British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace was visibly distraught and appeared to choke back tears as he was explaining that his government will likely not be able to evacuate everyone it wants to from Taliban-seized Kabul.

Wallace spoke to LBC on Monday to describe the ongoing effort to fly out holders of British passports and allied Afghan citizens from Kabul International Airport. The Afghan capital was seized on Sunday by Taliban fighters, but the airport remained under control of US forces guarding it for the evacuation effort.

Lead elements of the British Army’s 16 Air Assault Brigade are on the ground working with the Americans to ensure that as many people that London wants to bring out of Afghanistan can do so as possible.

Wallace said the British military hopes to get everyone with “a ticket to ride” out of the country by August 31.

“We are only now in Afghanistan and have been for the last two weeks to process those people,” the secretary stressed. He went on to express his regrets that not every Afghan who earned a right to be evacuated by working with the British government over the years will get a chance to flee with Britain’s help.

They’ve risked their lives in the last 20 years and at the very least our obligation has to be [to get] as many of these people through the pipeline as possible,” he said, visibly breaking down. He said: “Some people won’t get back, and we have to do our best in third countries to process those people.”

Host Nick Ferrari asked why he took the situation so personally. Wallace started responding because he was a soldier, but cut himself short and said because it was sad.

“It’s sad, and the West has done what it has done.”

What’s done is done is done.

Choke on it.

This surrender is such a massive loss for the entire globalist project.

Obviously, in terms of material terms, it doesn’t mean much – Afghanistan is worthless territory full of worthless people.

But it is breaking the hearts of these faggots and women who believe in the globalist project because the Taliban victory proves that their entire program cannot work. The mission in Afghanistan was a social engineering project to transform this Tabula Rasa of the Afghani people into a model of anal and vaginal supremacy – “hole uber alles.”

This fatbody is crying, and the rest of the flakes are having fits all over the place, because their ideals were beaten by nature. The Taliban is nature. It is the natural order of those cave people that the globalists believed were a blank slate. They’re not a blank slate. They are a piece of carved stone.

Nature cannot be denied. It cannot be overwritten. It can be held back, with trillions of dollars of military spending, but when the money runs out – there it is.

The speed at which the Afghan government – that pillar of feminism and butt-licking – fell has no doubt also shaken these people. It would have been better for them if there had been a fight, some kind of resistance – but none of the people they poured all that money into, training them in the ways of the sacred rimjob, cared enough about their indoctrination to put up a fight in defense of it.

I know why they are sad. I’m surprised more of them are not crying on television. This was a brutal rebuttal of everything that the modern West stands for.

Surely, if they could impose their feminist and gay anal doctrine anywhere on earth, it would be among the most primitive people on earth, who literally have 70 IQs and live in caves.

But nope.

They couldn’t swing it.

You know the saying – “if you can make it [in New York], you can make it anywhere.”

Well, if there was a reverse of that, it would be, “if you can’t make it in Afghanistan, you can’t make it anywhere.”

According to the theory of the Western Zionist order, it should have been impossible that this system could fall after two decades of state education.

Everywhere on earth that the anal doctrine has taken hold is also waiting to rise up and throw off these shackles, to put women back in the kitchen, and throw gays off roofs.

The fact is this: if the Jews were forced to pull out of America, it would not take much longer than 48 hours before the order of nature restored itself. Men with long guns would be riding around in the backs of trucks for a few days, and then they would walk into the White House without meeting resistance, as the police goons laid down their guns, and then it would be over.

Everything about the Jewish order is contingent on having the resources to physically impose it on people. When those resources run out, the whole rotten structure simply falls down.

Just weeks ago, the anal flag was flying over Kabul.

Never again will that flag be seen in those parts.

What happened over the weekend in Afghanistan proved just how weak this system is, and how easily it is destroyed.