The Weinstein Verdict Effectively Makes Heterosexual Sex Illegal in America

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 25, 2020

Harvey Weinstein was convicted of rape on Monday, based on the years-old accusations of women who admitted to having consensual sexual relationships with him.

Weinstein is himself an irrelevant detail here. What matters is the implications of this.

These women had no evidence of any struggle. They did not report the alleged crimes until years afterward. Conversely, Weinstein himself had a digital record of friendly communications with these women, which in some cases lasted years after the alleged rapes took place. One of the main accusers openly referred to Weinstein as a “causal boyfriend” for years after the rape, and went to comfort him after his mother died.

But what the court decided is that the word of women might as well be the word of God, and the only thing that matters is how they feel. If after a sexual encounter takes place, they decide they feel bad about it, the man has to go to prison.

We are now in a situation where any man can be convicted of rape for any sex act based purely on the allegations of a woman the man engaged in sex with.

What this means is that all of the sex is illegal, as all of it can be prosecuted as rape. You can think of this like the speed limit. Most of the time if you go above the speed limit, you don’t have to pay a ticket. But at any time when you are driving above the speed limit, you can be pulled over and forced to pay a ticket.

I like to give life advice to men. But I am struggling with what advice I can possibly give about this.

Right now, I want you to check the statute of limitations on rape in every state you’ve had sex in. Now, understand that if any woman you had sex with within those limits decides this afternoon that she wants to call the cops and have you put in prison, she can do so.

Do you trust every woman you’ve ever had sex with with the ability to throw you in prison, with no consequences at all for herself?

If you do not, then you may already have a problem. Because with the Weinstein case, the floodgates have been opened. Every woman in America was just sent a very clear message: “if there is any sexual experience you have ever had which you currently feel did not meet your expectations, you can send the man you had sex with to prison.”

It isn’t just me saying this – legal experts are coming out of the woodwork to announce that America is now dealing with an entirely new definition of “consent.”

The Wrap:

The convicted mogul’s criminal trial, in all its surprises and disappointments, could indelibly shape how sex crimes are prosecuted and how sexual assault survivors are treated in the court of law moving forward, legal experts observing the trial told TheWrap.

“The fact that this case was brought forward and that it resulted in a conviction does suggest that we’re in the midst of real cultural change and progress around correcting our biases about sexual assault and sexual assault survivors (and) how they behave,” Deborah Tuerkheimer, a former Manhattan assistant district attorney, said. “This Weinstein verdict will be a moment in that trajectory, but this is not the end point.

Mark Geragos, a Los Angeles-based criminal defense attorney who has represented figures like Michael Jackson, told TheWrap that Monday’s verdict may have “moved the ball on how to define consent in a legal sense.”

For that reason, the case may have a wider impact. “Clearly this is a more expansive view of legal liability in a seemingly consensual act,” Geragos said. “To me, it’s what I think they were trying to do and they were successful.”

And with this evolving understanding of consent and the complexities of sexual assault, Tuerkheimer said she believed Weinstein’s conviction would lead to more “complicated” cases like his making it to the courtroom. “That is a movement in the right direction if we see more accountability for sexual assault,” she said.

So what should be done?

Probably, men should simply stop having sex. I just don’t have any idea what else I can say about this. You have to trust that every woman you have sex with will not, in the next 10 to 20 years, ever have a bad feeling towards you. How many women can you trust that far?

Imagine also that even if your relationship with the woman was perfect, once she reaches a certain age, where she can no longer attract men, she may decide to punish men from her past for wrathful rather than revenge purposes. If you are successful, or become successful later on in life, she may simply become jealous, and decide to have you sent to prison based on those feelings.

Women can feel any feelings, and they will act on these feelings. Right now, an entire army of lawyers are rubbing their hands and assembling. They are going to form new nonprofit organizations that pay the legal fees of women who want to punish men. Women’s therapists and church clergy will also be involved in this program. Basically, the conviction of Harvey Weinstein created an entire new industry.

On the “10 to 20 years” part, it should be noted that there is currently a move to remove the statute of limitations from all sex crimes in every state, and yes, that will be applied retroactively. So it is likely that the statute of limitations is not even relevant.

I suppose we can wait and see the numbers of women who begin taking advantage of this opportunity to punish men.

But at this current time, I cannot advise anyone to have sex in the United States, at all.

We need solutions to the woman problem and we need them quickly. But I do not know what they are.