Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 30, 2017

Show is improving but they have too many people.

Like the old TDS.

But you know, people learn as they go.

I predict this will be among the internet’s top rated podcast by 2019.

Beardson is pretty much the funniest guy to listen to, he just needs to get a stable, limited crew where things bounce right. Not dissing any of the co-hosts. Just saying. Gotta limit it.

These gigantic group shows only work if you’re as fascistly structured as Florian Geyer, and 99.999991% of people are not.

Just my thoughts.

There is obviously a place for these huge group shitposting fests, I just think Beardson is destined for greater things.

He should do what Intersectional Alt-Right used to do and do a more structured show followed by a less structured show where there are a bunch of people.

Also, we need an mp3 bro.

I’m giving this advice publicly both because Beardson is hard to get a hold of and because I think it might be useful to others.

Anyway, no rush to change-up the format.

But sort of a rush for an mp3.

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