(((The Washington Post))) Suddenly Likes Guns… In the Hands of Blacks

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
July 29, 2017

Very few major news outlets will ever celebrate an uptick in gun sales. Instead, Jews and collaborators in the media jump on every mass shooting or gun-related tragedy to push legislation that is specifically intended to disarm white people as a class.

But (((Marty Baron’s))) anti-gun Washington Post has undergone a sudden about-face. Now that blacks are buying guns, they like guns!

The number one threat to a black man’s health will always be another black guy with a gun, but WaPo’s Negro correspondent Wesley Lowery has written a piece encouraging black gun ownership as a sort of “Deacons for Defense” response to white “racism.”

Marty Baron would never give any other person in any other context a platform to promote and romanticize firearms.

Washington Post:

Gun sellers have long known that sales spike during election years, driven primarily by an influx of purchases by white conservatives who fear a coming crack-down on availability. This was especially pronounced after President Barack Obama’s election in 2008. It happened again in 2013 after Obama was reelected, and the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook birthed a new fervency within the gun control movement. The election of President Trump, an NRA-friendly Republican, has prompted no such fire-sale among white Americans — instead, gun sellers nationwide have noted significant upticks in sales to black Americans.

“We’ve seen a small change in who our customers are,” Warner explained to me. “More women and more people of color — black, brown. The people coming in are darker shades than usual.”

A Pew Research Center poll released earlier this summer found that while nearly half of white Americans live in a household with a gun (49 percent), that falls to 32 percent among black Americans. But gun sellers are now wondering to what extent the recent interest from black buyers will close that gap. At Blue Ridge, the sales staff has fielded calls from across the country from buyers looking specifically to buy from a black-owned gun store. The National African American Gun Association, founded in 2015 with about 300 people, has grown to 34 chapters nationwide and now boasts more than 20,000 members.

“There’s this feeling, this fear in today’s society, for people of color especially, that the person sitting over there in the corner might be about to attack you,” said Philip Smith, who founded NAAGA in 2015 after he, in his 50s, began shooting recreationally. “I’m not going to say it’s all Trump, but there is something going on where people feel comfortable openly doing and saying things that — five, six, seven years ago — they might not.”

Why would people buy a gun over words? This once again reminds us of the Jewish cultural consensus that if a black person in modern America hears a white person say something they find offensive, they have a green light to execute them. Never question Judge Dredd-Locks!

But it’s not just blacks who are under attack from Donald Trump and white racists. Judenpresse journalists are apparently now a type of minority above criticism as well.

As someone at times tasked with writing about those very incidents, my fear has been compounded by the vocal hatred of the media among parts of the political right. Recent months have brought a new intensity of vitriol and on several occasions violent threats to my inbox and voice mail. Still, I was taken aback when, after one recent threat, a security consultant asked whether I carry a weapon. “Nope,” I answered, before pausing, for the first time in my life, to consider if perhaps that answer should be different.

It was a similar fear that in 2015 prompted Stephen Yorkman to launch the Robert F. Williams Gun Club in Prince George’s County, Md., which is named for a civil rights activist who advocated armed self-defense and now has about 150 members.

“For me, it started with the shooting of Tamir Rice,” Yorkman, 48, explained, referencing the 12-year-old Cleveland boy shot by police while playing with a toy gun at the playground of a public park. “We need to create a different, better perception of black people with guns so that in an open-carry state the image of a black person with a gun doesn’t so alarm a police officer. And we need to make it so it’s no longer a sin in the black community to be a gun owner, but that it’s more accepted.”

The Tamir Rice case wasn’t about the “image of a black person with a gun,” it was about a completely unsupervised and hyperactive black kid pointing a realistic looking pellet gun at people in a public place.

Does this look like a toy to any honest person?

The black writer willfully omits context as usual – about Tamir Rice, about who kills black people, about “racism,” and about guns in general. That makes him a liar with an agenda.

When all is said and done, the Jews and Judeo-leftists that get columns in kike puppy potty trainers like the Washington Post have no principles or scruples. There is no higher ideal or consistent agenda on the neo-liberal Judeo-left other than to apply principles unevenly according to whether the subject in question is a white Gentile or not. If I was a principled liberal and wrote an op-ed condemning the increase in gun sales thanks to “People of Color,” I’d be immediately labeled an Alt-Right Nazi.

Whites buying guns = bad.

Blacks buying assault rifles = good.

Where are the Gersh Kuntzman’s writing about guns like they’re monsters from a John Carpenter movie since Trump got elected? Aren’t they worried in the uptick in gun sales?

No. Because the increase is being driven largely by non-whites.

If you can legally buy a gun and don’t have one, get one now. Better to have one and not need it than need it and not have it.