The War on Knives

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 11, 2018

Knives are great.

Loved by edgelords everywhere – heh.

Perhaps if the Joker was in the UK, he would have never been able to carry out his killing spree, right?

That’s what liberals believe. Inanimate objects are always to blame (if straight White males can’t be).

Although, to be fair. We need to do something about vending machines. They need to be regulated. Retarded, tide pod-eating little kids trying to get their clammy little hands on some delicious Kit-Kats are being squished to death by vending machines falling over on them. It’s an epidemic right up there with death by spoiled shawarma meat in the West.

But on a more serious note. Now they’re going to have a stop and frisk campaign by British police and a budget expansion for other ridiculous and pointless measures.

It’s all on the government website if you want to read up on what’s coming out next.

  • In February Mayor created the £45m Young Londoners Fund to help steer young people away from violent crime
  • Knife wands are now available for every school in London to help keep young people safe, with 150 schools so far taking up the offer
  • The widely shared London Needs You Alive campaign brings together role models and youth influencers to send a positive message to young people – that they shouldn’t put their lives at risk by carrying a knife
  • The Mayor’s granted £7 million to projects to combat youth violence across London and £250,000 to community groups and grassroots initiatives
  • The Mayor is working to bring in more Safer Schools Officers to help to drive down knife crime in schools

And this is something that you see happening everywhere in the West. Well to varying degrees…there is no other country I am aware of that is seriously talking about banning kitchen utensils and requiring ID to purchase silverware.

Have you noticed how no one really stands up and says, “enough is enough” in the UK?

There are a few brave souls still fighting this thing. But I see no big pushback from society, and I try very hard to stay on top of the situation there – it’s my job after all.

I can’t help but conclude that there is no limit to normie cowardice and acquiescence. Given the choice, most people will put up with the most absurd measures and circular logic – lemming logic is deeply programmed in far too many of us.

I don’t want to rag exclusively on the UK though.

Back in the States, I thought that the whole tranny thing was a step too far. I had only really heard about the tranny movement back in 2012 on the Chans following all the Tumblr raids.

I thought that these were just some mentally ill people on the internet.

Trannies were all fucking maniac serial killers and ticking time bombs, and everyone was on the same page about them – that’s what I honestly thought when I ignored the warnings of the internet troll army.

And then Bruce Jenner happened.

Overnight, trannies were A-OK. My last two years in college, I actually noticed a handful of them here and there. My boss ended up being one of those rare female to male transitioning types.

She physically repulsed me and I tried hard never to look her way, but I couldn’t help but notice that none of my fellow students seemed to mind.

In their eyes, this was the new normal.

Changes are happening now faster than they’ve ever happened before. 

We may think that the UK’s bizarre crusade against inanimate kitchen tools is funny…but that’s because all of us, even the UK readers are on the outside looking in. We’re not part of this system, mentally. So it shocks us to what lengths normal people will go to to conform to the new normal.

Most notably, have you noticed how the vocabulary surrounding attacks in the West has changed?

It’s always, “a car has run over a crowd of boomers shopping for useless kitsch in the historic downtown.”

Or they use the passive like, “a drunk club skank has been murdered… by a knife in an alley in that part of town that’s trendy because it’s near the ghetto, but still maintains the illusion of relative safety” or something close to that.

Language is being changed to accommodate this bizarre new reigning PC orthodoxy.

And the funny thing is that everyone in the West has to read a book about the UK transforming into a totalitarian thought and language controlled society with cameras everywhere spying on people’s thoughts in high school.

And yet, it’s still happening.

Of course, it has a very Clownish quality to it all.

It would all be very funny – hilarious even – if we were allowed to laugh about it.

And that leaves humorists on the Right in a dilemma.

On the one hand, you have no shortage of material, but on the other hand, no one is allowed to laugh. Clown world is starting to resemble a Sam Hyde skit – and at some point, the future dystopia catches up to you and you realize that holy shit you’re actually living in it.

Literally everything about the current system is unnatural. The very idea that you can get Third World people to become British or German or American or whatever is no more deluded than the war on knives.

So meanwhile, the police sweeps will continue.

Except soon, they won’t be rounding up stray knives.

Soon they’ll be rounding up you and me. Because that’s what this is all really about. It’s about training the public to acquiesce, getting people to go along to get along – breaking down resistance piece-meal.

Once the war on knives fails to get results, what will happen?

Will they suddenly start cracking down on Moslem gangs? Or will they decide to take the path of least resistance and start cracking down on you instead?

After all, if there is no one to complain about the new encroaching Third World standard of living, then there is no problem right?

You might laugh and dismiss out of hand, but then a couple of years ago I never thought we’d see people referring to freaks by their “preferred gender pronouns.”

Things are moving very fast now. Blink and you might miss it.