The Wall is Under Attack!

Daily Stormer
April 11, 2017

Muh wall! These traitors will rue the day they messed with the wall!

The whole Trump agenda is being backpedaled at breakneck speed. I wouldn’t have expected that they would even go after Trump’s central and most iconic promise, however.

If the wall doesn’t get built, we’re going to be looking at a full-scale revolt from Trump’s base.


Federal funding for one of President Donald Trump’s premier policy proposals may be excluded from the House GOP’s budget for Fiscal Year 2017-2018.

House Democrats, along with a few House Republicans, are working around-the-clock to make sure funding for the estimated $12 billion border wall is not factored into the GOP budget, according to a report by The Hill.

“With Democrats united against new wall funding, it’s unlikely the Republicans have the votes to get it through and prevent a government shutdown,” The Hill report stated.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, in a statement to The Hill, seemed to concede that border wall funding would not be included in the GOP budget, saying the funds would come at a later date.

This man is a walking disaster.

Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) and Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ) are the two Republican lawmakers teaming with Democrats to stop the funding of the border wall, despite both representing districts that share a border with Mexico.

“We recognize the need for robust border security and infrastructure to ensure public safety and increase cross border commerce,” Hurd and McSally wrote to the Trump administration in a letter, according to The Hill. “We also have an obligation to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars.”

Can you imagine this level of treason?

Their states are getting flooded with Mexicans, which their own population hates. And those Mexicans are sure to vote democrats, the opposition party. So they are traitors to their party, to their state, to the president and to their race.


At this point, however, I’m almost inclined to believe that if Trump is no longer in control of the White House, it’s better if his whole agenda is completely reversed. That way, at least the people will figure out that something is wrong, and will consequently become very angry.

Angry people are potential recruits. Complacent people are not.

The reality is that the wall is mostly a symbolic thing. We don’t need a wall to keep out anybody – we’d just need to enforce existing laws. But it’s a symbol that Trump is in charge and setting the agenda.

And now that symbol is disappearing.