The Wall is Finally Built! (In Crimea That Is)

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 29, 2018

I wish Russia had never let the Berlin Wall come down.

But I guess this new one is a step in the right direction again.

I’m waiting for the inevitable, “Trump only wants a wall because his Russian handlers built a wall to gas the inhabitants of Crimea!”

You just know it’s coming.


While certain politicians are still having difficulties getting their walls built, Russia has announced it had finished a border barrier between Ukraine and Crimea. Construction took just over a year and less than $3 million.

Bids for building the two-meter tall, 60-kilometer long fence separating the peninsula from Ukraine opened in September 2017. The Federal Security Service (FSB) announced the project’s completion on Thursday. The contract was estimated at approximately 200 million rubles, or $2.87 million at current exchange rates. 

A question for the media: if Walls don’t work, why is it that every serious country in the world now, and throughout history, has built them?

The J-Left tries to spin the wall as something unnatural. They try to push this hippy/wiccan/quaker shit about how it is against human nature to want walls.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The moment one human acquired something he wanted to hold onto was the moment that the walls began to be built.

You can imagine it now, can’t you? 

Early man sticking the butt of his spear into the dirt and dragging a line in front of him. Everyone who crossed that line would get the other end of the spear. Because on the other side were the caveman’s wives, his children, his tools and his food stockpiles. Marking off territory, and defending that territory is the natural state of affairs. The current state of affairs is anything but.

That being said, opposition to WALLS is further proof that we live in a Judeo-Gynocracy.

Because women and Jews don’t like the idea of walls and nations, that means America isn’t supposed to care about having a wall and having a nation.

On a fundamental level, young fertile women don’t really have an innate conception of territory because they have no souls and are basically just pretty property waiting for someone to snatch them up. They like it when men fight over the right to own them. They will encourage competition so that they can better size up and pick the most alpha males. Furthermore, they don’t really need to be chaste. It’s only the Patriarchy that forces them to be chaste.

Think about it.

A woman always knows that the kid is hers. In a gynocratic society, the women will just pick a few sexy men to impregnate them, while either killing off the others or forcing the rest to work for sex scraps.

Doesn’t this sound a little bit like the society that we have now? 

No? I’ll keep going then.

Only when men are in charge are women forced to be chaste so that men can have a reasonable expectation that the child is theirs. Given the option, women would all just take the seed of the sexiest man in town and then band together to raise the kids like a commune, sharing resources and rubbing each other’s clits to calm any potential cat-fights down before they get out of hand.

And if any of the males get uppity, they immediately get mobbed by angry chicks who beat him into submission.

To keep their power in the society and deal with overpopulation and excess testosterone, they kill off or castrate their males, because time would naturally work against a matriarchal society in the long-run. In contrast, in a patriarchal society, the problem of overpopulation would be solved by going to war with neighboring tribes to both thin the herd, and to capture more females.

Again, which kind of society do you think we have now?

To be fair, when these women wife-up a man that gives them the tingles and start taking care of their kids, it’s like a switch gets turned on in their heads as they become biologically invested. All of a sudden, they vote like their hubby votes, and suddenly see the merit of a Wall so that their sons and daughters don’t get killed by feral Aztec savages.

But childless old hags and young women and of course, Jews, are all sworn biological enemies of the White man’s conception of the nation.

No amount of logic will convince them of the merits of building a wall and securing borders.

You can point to Russia, to Israel, to the Great Wall of China – they don’t care.

Their biological interests are simply opposed to ours.