The Vax is the Final Solution to the Peasant Problem

There is a massive gap between what is being pushed by the mainstream news and entertainment media and the government and what people actually like. As the media gets more and more aggressive, pushing a purely political agenda, that gap is continuing to widen.

I’ve never thought the comedian Tim Dillon was especially brilliant, but the chasm between him and the comedians pushed by the mainstream is so vast that it is staggering. He is at least six million times funnier than people like Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, that black guy on The Daily Show, and the entire cast of Saturday Night Live.

The response to his popularity from the mainstream has been to claim that he is only popular because he is a Nazi. This makes no sense at all, as it implies that Nazism is extremely popular.

In a recent podcast, Dillon responded to people claiming that he is only popular because of Nazism.

Speaking of the fact that he can sell out standup comedy shows, he said of his fans, “maybe those people don’t matter. Maybe they’re all Nazis. Who knows? That’s possible. It’s possible that everyone who is succeeding is a Nazi, and all of their fanbases are Nazis, and that’s the only reason anyone is successful at all.”

“If you have a live event, and sell over 70% of tickets, it’s possible that everyone there loves Hitler,” Dillon continued. “I guess. I don’t know. That seems to be the running explanation as to why anyone is successful at anything.”

That isn’t really satirical. It is basically what the media says about why people do not slurp up their garbage and ask for seconds, and instead go to people on the internet for their news and entertainment needs.

Dillon went on to say that the excuse of the media as to why he is more popular than everyone on Saturday Night Live, with all of their institutionalized power and money, is that people from the internet are “not real comedians.” Whatever that means. Glenn Greenwald pointed out on Twitter that this is the same line of reasoning used to attack journalists who the establishment doesn’t like.

Greenwald explained in a recent show that Project Veritas, Julian Assange and himself have all been accused of being “not real journalists” as a way to dismiss them – and then to legally abuse them.

CNN has actually complained about the fact that some people on YouTube have more of an audience than them.

This competition from alternative news outlets is why the mainstream is so invested in a censorship agenda – they do not want you to have a choice. They condemn their opposition as evil. Brian Stelter’s show on CNN is entirely devoted to calling for censorship. Given that social media companies have censored basically everyone at this point, the show is now primarily devoted to Tucker Carlson, and demanding that AT&T and Comcast stop delivering Fox News until Tucker is fired.

In a related thing, I was watching some reuploads of Computing Forever on, and saw a clip about Terminator: Dark Fate, a Terminator film that killed off John Connor and made all of the main characters diverse and empowered women.

After the failure of the film, director Tim Miller did an interview blaming people for not seeing the film. He blamed “the get woke go broke phenomenon,” saying that a small portion of people who don’t like wokeness in films somehow mind controlled everyone else to refuse to see the film or to give it bad reviews.

Dark Fate came out not long after Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel was the first film where Rotten Tomatoes banned fan reviews, claiming that the film was super important to the feminist agenda, and anyone who didn’t like the film was evil and therefore should not have a voice.

This is a theme that runs throughout society right now: everywhere you look, the establishment choices are unpopular, and the establishment is therefore forced to use censorship as well as other forms of abuse – including prosecution – in order to silence any alternatives. You could even make a comparison to the 2020 election, where the establishment did not like who people voted for, so they changed the results.

Overall, if you were to look at this situation as a whole, you would expect a gigantic, revolutionary backlash against the entire agenda of the current ruling establishment.

This is where the coronavirus vaccine comes in. Once people take this vaccine, they are going to be cursed with permanent health problems. We are seeing it everywhere, particularly among athletes – it creates chronic health problems. If the entire population is forced to take a drug that will give them permanent health disabilities, then that population cannot rise up against you. They have no choice but to simply accept the decisions you make for them, to eat what you feed them.

That appears to be the source of this pro-vaccine aggression.

I suspect that the vaccine is also going to make it impossible for people to reproduce. But I don’t think it is intended to just exterminate everyone immediately, as some people were claiming. People are just going to develop a lot of serious health problems, and no one is going to be able to get too worked up or they’ll have a heart attack.