The Vaccine is Here – They’re Going to Try to Force You to Take It

It’s happening.

The Guardian:

Hopes are soaring that a Covid vaccine is within reach, following news that an interim analysis has shown Pfizer/BioNTech’s candidate was 90% effective in protecting people from transmission of the virus in global trials.

The vaccine performed much better than most experts had hoped for, according to the companies’ analysis, and brings into view a potential end to a pandemic that has killed more than a million people, battered economies and upended daily life worldwide.

The data is from an interim analysis and the trial continues into December but the headline results were emphatic. Regulators will be looking to process an emergency licence application at record speed.

Global stocks surged to record highs on the news, while companies that have become synonymous with lockdowns in the west, including Zoom’s video conferencing and food delivery firms, saw falls in their value.

John Bell, Regius professor of medicine at Oxford University, who is involved with the Oxford vaccine, said that the Pfizer team had shown “an amazing level of efficacy” and it could mean a return to normality by spring. “I’m the first guy to say that but I will say it with some confidence,” he told the BBC.

Manufacturing is already under way. Pfizer said they expect to supply globally up to 50m vaccine doses in 2020 and up to 1.3bn doses in 2021. Countries will decide who they prioritise for vaccination. In the UK, the joint committee on vaccination and immunisation has recommended that – presuming the vaccines work well enough in elderly people – the first vaccines go to care home workers and residents, followed by anybody over 80 and other health and social care workers. After that, people are expected to get them in decreasing age order.

Everything about this coronavirus hoax has been designed to hurt the people.

They have taken away our rights.

They’ve implemented a weird police state.

They purposefully collapsed our economy, transferring the wealth of the middle class to the billionaire class.

Nothing has been about public health. If it was about public health, they would have done what Sweden did, and just solved the problem totally by doing no lockdown, no masks.

Sweden has one of the lowest infection rates in Europe.

They are going about life normally. They aren’t losing their jobs, they aren’t developing all of these psychological disorders, they don’t have the divorce explosion or the damage done to the psyches of children.

There is an open and publicly known solution to the alleged coronavirus crisis. We have the full data on how Sweden did this – they are publishing it. They would be open to advising any other country that wants to solve the problem.

So understand: there is no desire to solve the problem. The governments doing these lockdowns are doing them for some reason other than public health, and the results are that the society is being destroyed.

So, I ask you: what do you think this vaccine is going to be about?

Does it make sense that with all of the harm that the government has done to you, that the vaccine is not also designed to harm you?

I believe that it is obvious that that vaccine is designed to harm us.

We need to resist this.

All of you need to make a promise to yourselves that no matter what happens, you won’t take this injection.

This is a genetic-altering compound. It will change your genetics. No vaccine of this kind has ever been used on humans.

It will change who you are, permanently.

You don’t want that.