The US Women’s Soccer Team is Filled with a Bunch of Horribly Obnoxious Millennial Feminist Cunts

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 7, 2019

These horrible women are an embarrassment to the United States of America.

The United States women’s soccer team has made it to the final match of the Women’s World Cup. They will be playing the Netherlands in the final game on Sunday.

Normally, this would not be something worth commenting on, except for the fact that this team is filled with some of the most obnoxious millennial feminist cunts imaginable. Throughout the tournament they have behaved in a reprehensible manner and have not only embarrassed themselves but embarrassed the country they’re supposed to represent. Their behavior on the world stage is a window into the generally awful behavior regularly displayed by the average millennial woman in America. They’re self-centered, egotistical and think the entire universe revolves around them.

For their first game of the tournament they played Thailand, a national team filled mostly with amateur players. They defeated them 13-0, running up the score while excessively celebrating every goal well after they had secured the victory. They were criticized by many not for running up the score due to rules on goal differential, but for over-celebrating and showing a lack of humility.

Compare their behavior to when Germany defeated Brazil 7-1 in the 2014 men’s World Cup. The German players were not excessively celebrating their final goals to embarrass the Brazilian team. They knew that they had already secured the victory and that excessively celebrating additional goals would have been unsportsmanlike.

During a playoff match with England, US player Alex Morgan mocked the English team with a “tea cup” celebration after scoring a goal. She was rightly criticized for this classless display.

She responded to the criticism by claiming that the criticism was due to a double standard between men and women.

What she doesn’t seem to understand is that it would have been just as classless if a man had done it. This is another case of a woman wanting to have the privileges of a man but not the responsibilities of one.

The team has also gotten into a spat with Donald Trump while competing in the tournament. One of the team’s star players, a dyke bitch by the name of Megan Rapinoe, was asked by a reporter if she would go to the White House if invited. Rapinoe responded by saying, “I’m not going to the fucking White House.”

This drew a response from Trump who criticized her for disrespecting the country by making such a stupid comment while she was overseas representing the United States.

Another one of these US soccer cunts named Ali Krieger was recently interviewed on CNN. She flat out said during the interview that she wouldn’t go to the White House and that she refuses to respect Trump.

On top of that, Rapinoe was bitching about FIFA scheduling and whining about how the men’s Gold Cup match was happening the same day as their match.

The thing is, the two games aren’t even happening at the same time and won’t conflict, yet this dyke thinks all of the attention should be on them.

A few months ago, Rapinoe and Morgan were on ABC News rambling on about “equal pay” for women’s soccer players.

Yeah, they are demanding equal pay even though their team in 2017 was defeated in a scrimmage game against a team of 15-year-old boys. Obviously the quality of their work does not stack up to men so they do not deserve equal pay.

Long story short, I do not like any of these stupid front hole cunt soccer players. In fact, I find them to be highly detestable creatures. Even though I’m an American, I will be rooting for the Netherlands team. The arrogance of these American players along with their lack of humility and class has been a shameful display. Win or lose, these women have proven themselves to be a national embarrassment.

Hopefully they lose though. I want to see all of these miserable skanks in tears.