The US Joins in Australia’s “Heavily Manipulated Image” Row, Says “New Low” for China

A Chinese heavily doctored image, also known as a digitally doctored image (formerly known as a meme), has caused a diplomatic row.

If China’s lowest point is making a heavily doctored image (also now known as “a digitally manipulated image,” formerly known as “a meme”), then it seems that they hadn’t gone very low in the past.

I disagree with the US however that this meme is the single worst thing that China has done to the West. Frankly, spitting in elevators and even putting cigarettes out in elevators is much worse than this meme.


The United States has called China’s use of a digitally manipulated image of an Australian soldier a “new low”, weighing into the dispute between Canberra and Beijing over the tweet.

China has rebuffed Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s calls for an apology after its foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian posted the picture of an Australian soldier holding a bloodied knife to the throat of an Afghan child on Monday.

China’s embassy said the “rage and roar” from Australian politicians and media over the image was an overreaction.

Perhaps the Chinese don’t understand our culture?

Memes are serious business.

Among Westerners, an offensive meme is enough reason to start a war.

But other nations, including the United States, New Zealand and France, have expressed concern at the Chinese foreign ministry’s use of the manipulated image on an official Twitter account.

The CCP’s latest attack on Australia is another example of its unchecked use of disinformation and coercive diplomacy. Its hypocrisy is obvious to all,” the U.S. State Department said on Wednesday, adding that while China doctored images on Twitter, its citizens were prevented from reading Twitter posts.

“Censorship is evil and other countries shouldn’t do it,” said a government official of the United States, a country with the most censorship of any country ever in all of history.

The department’s deputy spokesman Cale Brown said the fabricated image of the soldier was “a new low, even for the Chinese Communist Party”.

“As the CCP spreads disinformation, it covers up its horrendous human rights abuses, including the detention of more than a million Muslims in Xinjiang,” Brown wrote in a tweet.

“Detaining Moslems is evil and other countries shouldn’t do it,” said a government official of the United States, a country which has invaded countries in the last two decades and continues to run secret prison torture facilities around the world.

France’s foreign affairs spokesman said on Tuesday the tweeted image was “especially shocking” and the comments by Zhao “insulting for all countries whose armed forces are currently engaged in Afghanistan”.

Morrison used Chinese social media platform WeChat to criticise the “false image”.

So now it’s a false image, huh?

Morrison, you’re the one who came out and accused your own soldiers of human rights abuses in Afghanistan. China didn’t make those accusations – they just made a meme of your accusations. If you didn’t want people to make memes of it, why did you make the accusation in the first place?

Accusing your own soldiers of war crimes is frankly beyond the pale.

This entire situation is one of those things that is so stupid and insane that it is difficult to wrap your head around the fact it is actually happening.

This is All Stupid

I’m so sick of hearing about China. I told you a year ago that they were going to start beating the war drums against China, and here we are.

China literally has nothing to do with anything. Their number one behavior is ignoring the entire Western world. It is abject lunacy that we are allowing these governments and this media to distract us from everything that we have going on in our own country with this China nonsense.

The right wing are as guilty of this China obsession as the left.

At the rally in Phoenix on Monday, there were members of the CIA cult Falun Gong harassing everyone in attendance. We were there trying to rally for our president and for our country, and these chinks invaded and tried to make the whole thing about how we have to have a war against the Chinese.

These people should be kicked out of these events. Instead, boomers were supporting them, saying that it was important that we stop communism in China. Asked why he thought that was important, he said that if we didn’t stop communism in China, they would invade America and force us into communism. This is the level of consciousness of the average boomer.

The US government and other governments always point at some far away problem that has nothing to do with anything in order to distract from the very real things happening in our lives. Telling some moronic boomer to get really upset about Moslems in a concentration camp in Xinjiang is like dangling keys in front of an infant to get it to quit crying.

We have to take control of the political narrative. The boomers will listen. They just have to be guided.

But remember: they will only listen as long as you’re saying it. If they are allowed to go back to Fox News and the rest of it, they will forget that they’re supposed to be focusing on American issues and start talking about how we need to be devoted to supporting Chinese Moslems and Antifa again. Fox News is very good at stirring up these people’s emotions.

Boomers, and the peasants generally, are actually sheep and they will wander off into some kind of weird nonsense as soon as the shepherd is gone. We have to be shepherds and guide these people. It’s horrible work, and you don’t get paid well, but we don’t have any choice.

We have very, very real issues in our own country that we need to deal with, and anyone who even mentions China is basically a traitor for attempting to distract from what is going on here.