The US-Israel Defense Treaty Sounds Like a Great Deal for Both Countries – Good Job, Donald!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 15, 2019

This is a brilliant idea.

Not only can the US defend Israel from Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Russia and pretty much every other country in the entire world which the Jews might end up starting a war with, but Israel can really help the US in this mutual treaty.

I mean, just think what a big help the IDF would be if China nuked America.


Right goyim?

If the US was in a war with China and Russia, the Israeli Defense Force would be a huge help for us, what with all of those weapons of ours that we gave them for free.

No wonder we need this mutual defense pact!

Guys I….

I just don’t even know if I can take it anymore.

Seriously Donald, heck you.

You are the absolute most worthless piece of shit. You are going to hell for this. Hell, Donald.

Hell, Donald Trump.

Hell is forever.

And there is no McDonald’s in hell, you worthless fat piece of shit.

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