The US is Still in WHO, Has Done Nothing to Start a Withdrawal from the Globalist HoaxBody

I didn’t agree with that stupid shit Donald Trump said about how China spread a deadly virus. All that did was reinforce the stupid hoax that coronavirus was deadly when it actually isn’t. At all.

But I did agree with him exiting WHO, whatever the reason.

Of course, that won’t ever happen.

Ars Technica:

On May 29, President Trump said his administration would take immediate action to withdraw the US from the World Health Organization.

“Because they have failed to make the requested and greatly needed reforms, we will be today terminating our relationship with the World Health Organization, and redirecting those funds to other worldwide and deserving, urgent global public health needs,” Trump said at the time, while criticizing the WHO’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and claiming that “China has total control” over the United Nations agency.

But now, two weeks later, there’s nothing to indicate that Trump has followed through on his plan. In an article yesterday titled “US hasn’t taken action to withdraw from WHO despite Trump pledge,” The Hill wrote that “no steps toward a formal withdrawal have been taken,” and that “a WHO spokesman told The Hill that the agency had received no formal notification that the United States would withdraw.”

Another article yesterday in Stat, a health news website, said that “none of the levers that would need to be pulled to follow through on [Trump’s WHO] decision has been pulled.” For example, the Trump administration has “not paid outstanding financial obligations to the WHO, a step that would be required before the United States could pull out under a joint resolution signed by Congress,” the article said.

This guy just literally never does anything.

Do you remember that time he said he was going to build a wall on the Mexican border? Whatever happened to that?

It didn’t happen, that’s for certain. None of this shit is happening.

But hey – do you know what’s worse than nothing good happening?

A bunch of bad shit happening. 

So I mean – I am a “Trump supporter” in that I support voting for him so the Democrats don’t release all hell upon us, lock us up for our beliefs, kidnap our kids and turn them into trannies, every other thing you can think of.

I’m able to see this all unfolding, and I know that Trump is better than not-Trump.

But I’m seriously worried how many other people will be able to see that. Especially with Trump now apparently supporting blacks burning everything down… I’m really, really worried about the election, guys.

I just don’t even know what the hell this guy is thinking.

Maybe it’s really hard to pull out of WHO, okay. And maybe most of the voters will think he already did that.

But how hard is it to not “honor the legacy of Juneteenth”?


Why not just not do that?