The US Government is Genuinely Concerned About Chinese TikTok Censorship

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 12, 2020

You can pry my TikTok from my cold, dead hands, boomer.

All of this stuff about Chinese technology, Chinese apps, etc. being used as a part of a hacking conspiracy is dumb. There is no secret reason that China wants to be influential in the tech sector, because there is a very straightforward reason that China wants to be influential in the tech sector: because influence in the tech sector is a clear form of power in the globalist order.

There is no evidence that 5G technology, Huawei phones or TikTok is being used by China to spy. The US government has hired an army of the best security professionals in the world to pour through this stuff, because if they found even one documented instance of China engaging in the kind of spying they allege, they would have the ability to shut down all types of Chinese tech across the Western world. And that is exactly why it is so painfully obvious that China wouldn’t ever engage in the kind of dumb spyware schemes that they are alleging: there is no amount of data that could be collected that would be worth more than the social media marketshare that TikTok currently holds.

The obvious reason that the US government wants to stop Chinese influence in the tech industry is because the US does not want China to have high levels of influence on the tech industry, because that is power for China, and power is a zero sum game. But they can’t say “we want to limit Chinese influence in the technology sector because we want to reduce Chinese power,” because their stated ideology is “global free market capitalism.” So instead, they promote the idiotic conspiracy theory that China would be willing to sacrifice a massive marketshare of Western 5G networks in order to steal the nudes of random Europeans and Americans.

They go around claiming that TikTok is going to give your email address to the Chinese government and that this will result in some vague negative outcome.


Two Republican senators on Thursday introduced a bill aimed at banning federal employees from using Chinese social media app TikTok on their government-issued phones, amid growing national security concerns around the collection and sharing of data on U.S. users with China’s government.

The bill by Senators Josh Hawley and Rick Scott comes as several U.S. agencies that deal with national security and intelligence issues including the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security have banned employees from using the app.

It is also the latest attempt to rein in technology companies by Hawley, who has repeatedly clashed with big tech companies and has a notably nuanced and aggressive approach when questioning tech executives in congressional hearings.

“TikTok is owned by a Chinese company that includes Chinese Communist Party members on its board, and it is required by law to share user data with Beijing,” Hawley said. “ As many of our federal agencies have already recognized, TikTok is a major security risk to the United States, and it has no place on government devices,” he added.

I suppose it would be reasonable to not allow any apps operating out of foreign countries to be installed on a government phone. But this is all just fueling the hysteria. There is zero chance that TikTok is spying on people’s phones, because if they got caught – and they eventually would – they would not only be banned from government phones, they would be banned from the iPhone App Store, which would collapse a $75 billion app that is giving China a massive inroad into the Western tech sector.

If the Chinese want to spy on someone’s phone, they can buy the exploit from the Israelis.

Stock photo of an Israeli merchant

This entire discussion is stupid because like everything else in our society, it is completely based on lies.

But here’s the best part: Senator Hawley, who is on a crusade against TikTok, spoke at a Congressional hearing back in November of last year and lashed out at the Chinese company.

Washington Post:

Hawley reserved his most pointed criticism for TikTok, questioning whether the company — owned by ByteDance, a Chinese conglomerate — sufficiently protected U.S. users’ data and resisted the censorship demands of government officials in Beijing.

Hawley referenced reporting from The Washington Post that cited former employees saying they often felt pressure from officials at their Chinese headquarters to downplay videos deemed to be politically or culturally controversial. Hoping to address critics’ lingering fears, Vanessa Pappas, the company’s top U.S. official, told The Post that TikTok is “not directed by any foreign government, including the Chinese government.”

“TikTok claims they don’t take direction from China,” Hawley said. “They claim they don’t censor. … But that’s not what former employees of TikTok say.”


The US government is extremely concerned about social media apps engaging in political censorship. 

But they’re only concerned about Chinese social media apps engaging in political censorship of Chinese people.

American social media apps engaging in political censorship of Americans is perfectly fine.

The argument, theoretically, is that it is different when the Chinese engage in political censorship because the Chinese government is allegedly ordering the censorship, whereas in America, the social media apps are voluntarily engaging in censorship because they want to push their own political agenda.

This is a degree of ideological esoterica that is virtually impenetrable. The clear reality is that if you are censored on the internet, it doesn’t matter if you were censored by a government or by a private company. If you are silenced, you are silenced.

Of course, you can break it down much further, if you actually care about the ideological esoterica.

For example:

  • American social media companies were built with technologies developed by taxpayers.
  • American social media companies get large tax breaks due to the alleged services they are providing for the American people.
  • American social media companies rely on infrastructure that was built by the taxpayer and which the taxpayer continues to maintain. (When they work together to remove you from the internet, as they have with people like myself and Alex Jones, they are effectively banning you from public property. It is no different than if a street gang pushed you out of a public park and the cops said “we can’t do anything to stop them because they’re private individuals.”)

The kicker of course is that Nancy Pelosi, the third most powerful official in the United States government, has openly demanded that social media companies engage in political censorship – that is to say, the US government has done the exact same thing as the Chinese government.

Why isn’t Josh Hawley looking into this, I wonder? 

USA Today, February 7, 2020:

Facebook and Twitter have refused to take down a video posted by President Donald Trump that was edited to make it appear that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripped up his speech when the president was saluting a Tuskegee airman during the State of the Union rather than at the end of his address.

Pelosi’s office had demanded the video, titled “Powerful American stories ripped to shreds by Nancy Pelosi,” be removed from both platforms. Trump tweeted the video Thursday evening to his more than 72 million followers.

I would like to see someone try to explain what all this means.

But they won’t.

They don’t have to, because everyone who asks about it is censored.

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It Gets Difficult, Man

People have noted recently that I’ve been especially bitter and angry as of late.

I’m going to try to tone it down. I’ve officially requested a report from Azzmador on how I can be more positive.

But you must understand how draining it is to be me, sitting here having to talk about the fact that the US government is trying to take action to thwart social media censorship in China.

The entirety of Western civilization has gone totally insane, and I am sitting here, every day, explaining why insanity is insane. It takes a toll.

But I’m going to do my best to turn over a new leaf and man the decks, shiver me timbers.

Let me know if there are things you think can be done to take a more positive approach to today’s issues.

I guess we can start with more Pickle Rick Pickelchungus memes.