The Unsurprising Over-Representation of Jewishness at Bilderberg 2015

Benjamin Garland
Daily Stormer
June 17, 2015

Bobby, a reader of Daily Stormer, took the time to research the Jewishness of this year’s Bilderberg event and posted his findings in a comment on our previous article on that subject.

I found this worthy of its own article, so below is his comment in full, with a few very slight editorial changes.

* * * * *

I went through the 2015 Bilderberg attendee list in detail. Here’s every member who’s either Jewish or strongly connected to Jews either through marriage or life long work:

Achleitner, Paul M. – Most probably German Jew. Looks extremely Jewish, here he is attending a conference held in a German Jewish community center:

Jew or just a Jew lover? You decide! (He certainly does look pretty Jewy.)

Agius, Marcus – Ancestry has strong Jewish links. Married into the Rothschild family.

Altman, Roger C. – Most probably Jewish (Jewish last name, no ethnic information available).

Applebaum, AnneAmerican Jew.

Baird, Zoë – Married to a Jewish lawyer.

Bernabè, Franco – Used to work for Rothschild investment bank, looks Jewish himself.

Bronner, OscarAustrian Jew, born in Mandatory Palestine after Hitler’s expulsions.

Döpfner, Mathias – Winner of 2014 ADL International Leadership Award, clearly a Shabbos Goy.

Abraham H. Foxman, right,  National Director of the Anti-Defamation League presents Mathias Dopfner, left,  Chairman & CEO of Axel Springer SE the largest media company in Europe based in Berlin, Germany with the ADL International Leadership Award for his company's moral stand against anti-Semitism during a ceremony at ADL's Headquarters in New York, Sept. 19, 2014. The publisher was honored for his leadership in founding the EU-Israel Business Dialogue and for his longstanding efforts to promote relations with the Jewish people ( Photo/ David Karp)
Mathias has been a very good goy.

Elkann, JohnItalian Jew.

Federspiel, Ulrik – His family helped the Jews during WWII, married to a Jew.

Feldstein, Martin S.American Jew.

Ferguson, Niall – A Neo-con, worked with Jews all his life, his wife is the recipient of multiple Jewish awards.

Two of the many pro-Jew books written by the sickening, rabid Zionist Niall Ferguson.

Fischer, HeinzMarried to a Jew, spent a year volunteering at a Kibbutz in Israel.

Fresco, Louise O.Dutch Jew.

Griffin, Kenneth – A Wall Street insider with strong Jewish/Neo-con connections. Funder and supporter of Israeli mafia boss Rahm Emanuel and various other Neo-con individuals and groups such as “American Crossroad” and “Restore Our Future”.

Guriev, Sergei – A Russian traitor and a Rothschild agent, works closely with international Jewry. Escaped Russia when he was being investigated by the Russian intelligence. Is anti-Putin and strongly criticized Putin’s crackdown on Jewish oligarchs in Russia. Possibly Jewish himself.

Halberstadt, VictorDutch Jew.

Hampel, ErichAustrian Jew.

Hoffman, ReidAmerican Jew.

Ischinger, WolfgangGerman Jew.

Jacobs, Kenneth M. – American Jew.

Kenneth Jacobs is head of the International Jewish Merchant Banking Group Lazard.

Jäkel, Julia – Strong Jewish connections, her husband Ulrich Wickert is recipient of multiple Jewish awards.

Johnson, James A. – Was married to a Jewess, on the board of Goldman Sachs, possibly half Jewish himself.

Juppé, Alain – Most probably French Jew. Looks extremely Jewish, highly supportive of any and all Jewish causes, this picture should say it all:

Cute hat, Juppé.

Karp, AlexAmerican Jew.

Kepel, Gilles – Most probably French Jew (looks Jewish, has dedicated his life to attacking Islam).

Kerr, John – Most probably Scottish Jew, looks very Jewish:

Jew? Maybe. Maybe not.

Kissinger, Henry A.German Jew.

Kleinfeld, Klaus – Potentially Jewish or half Jewish (Jewish last name).

Kravis, Henry R.American Jew.

Kravis, Marie-Josée – Wife of Jew Henry Kravis, on the board of the New York Fed, possibly Jewish herself.

Kudelski, André – Most probably Polish Jew (Jewish last name, looks Jewish).

Levey, StuartAmerican Jew.

Leyen, Ursula von der – Unknown ethnicity but this picture says it all:

At a Jew Holohoax memorial.

And this one:

No comment.

Maher, Shiraz – Seems to be an Arab guy working for Jews. He has worked on destabilizing Israel’s neighbors and is extremely anti-Iran, anti-Russia, and pro-Jew. Possibly the guy responsible for reporting on the latest news on ISIS.

Mathews, Jessica T.American Jewess, granddaughter of Jewish banker Maurice Wertheim and great-granddaughter of Henry Morgenthau Sr.

Michel, Charles – Unknown ethnicity but looks very Jewish. The nose doesn’t lie:


Monti, Mario – Unknown ethnicity, former VP of Goldman Sachs. This picture says it all:

Whatcha wearing buddy?

Munroe-Blum, Heather – Married to Jew Len Blum.

H.R.H. Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands – Her family owns a large part of Royal Dutch Shell along with the Queen of England and the Rothschilds.

Perle, Richard N.American Jew.

Petraeus, David H. – Strong Jewish connections, worked with Jews all his life, current chairman of KKR Global Institute owned by Jews Kravis and Kohlberg.

Reisman, Heather M. – Canadian Jew.

Rocca, Gianfelice – Most probably Italian Jew (looks extremely Jewish, unknown ethnicity).

Rubin, Robert E.American Jew.

Sadjadpour, Karim – Most probably an Iranian Jew. Is very anti-Iran, pro-Israel, and has previously joked about a global Jewish conspiracy.

Schmidt, Eric E. – Strong Jewish connections, close friend of Shimon Peres, unknown ethnicity.

Scholten, Rudolf – Most probably an Austrian Jew, extremely pro-Jew.

Sevelda, Karl – Most probably an Austrian Jew (looks very Jewish).

Sutherland, Peter D. – Chairman of Goldman Sachs International, strong Jewish connections. As the UN’s (Bilderberg) special representative for migration, he told the EU that they should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states.

Wallenberg, Jacob – Strong Jewish connections, his family used to “save Jews” from the Holohoax. Alleged richest man in Sweden

Weber, Vin – Strong Jewish/Neo-con connections, is a member of Neo-con PNAC.

Wolf, Martin H.British/Austrian Jew.

Wolfensohn, James DAustralian Jew with strong Rothschild connections

Zoellick, Robert B.German Jew, on the board of Goldman Sachs, a Neo-con

Out of 134 members on that list 21 are confirmed well known Jews, another 11-12 are most probably Jewish (I just wasn’t able to find confirming information online despite strong evidence), and finally another 24 have strong Jewish/Rothschild links either through marriage or business. Rest assured the rest of the members are all 100% kosher.

We’re talking about between 20-25% ethnic Jews. 45% either Jew or directly connected/related to Jews. 95-100% ADL/Bnai-Brith certified Kosher. Keep in mind that Jews are only 2% of the population in the US and less than .02% worldwide. Many of the non-Jews are merely Shabbos Goy who are on the Jews’ payroll. The Jews need experts on various different issues and from different parts of the world – they can’t only rely on fellow Jews to do all the grunt work.

Also worth noting is that many of the Gentiles with no apparent connection to Jews are members of various secret societies.