The University System is a Complete Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 14, 2018

The modern university system is a complete scam/hoax at this point, designed for the singular purpose of stripping the goyim of their hard earned shekels and burying them under a mountain of debt.

And also designed to indoctrinate them into a religious type ideology of multicultural Islamic transsexual globalism.

Because, let me explain something to you.

All of the information is on the internet now. You don’t need access to some elite library, which was the initial purpose of the university system. You don’t even need access to the lecture halls, because you can just watch the lectures on YouTube.

Not one single individual can explain to me what the purpose of these universities is beyond simply getting a diploma which proves you are willing to do a whole bunch of stupid shit and keep a schedule. Otherwise, you could just get these diplomas based on test taking at a government facility to prove you know the information that is being taught in the classes.

Obviously, when you get into graduate programs and so on, it’s a little bit more complicated than this (although I still think you could do all of it on the internet by yourself). But what percentage of college students are in graduate school? Only 3% of students who get bachelors degrees get a Ph.D.

If the purpose is to prove you are enough of a robot to go through the grueling schedule of the university system before going to work, well, that is not very efficient, is it? Probably there are tests that could be taken to show if you are capable of this, or you could allow employers to hire new hires on a temporary basis to test if they have the necessary discipline (they already do this).

This is not just an attack on the social sciences and bullshit art degrees – I’m also talking about STEM. There is no reason people need a university degree to prove competence in those fields either. Getting a degree is based on passing classes and passing classes is based on taking tests. There is zero reason that you cannot simply remove the classes and schools from the equation, and just read the internet and take the tests at a government office and be issued certificates with the scores from your tests.

This situation now is like if they invented cars but in 2018 you were only allowed to ride horses on the streets. There is no logic to it. The internet has, 100%, made the university system obsolete. And it is dangerously obsolete, because it is wasting everyone’s time and sucking up all their money.

And I’m not even sure that the justification for this – that school proves you have “discipline” – is even correct. A person just out of high school is arguably more competent than a college graduate, as a college graduate has extended childhood well into mid-adulthood, which causes psychological problems I would guess.

I am a college dropout and the most important journalist of the modern era.

Abolishing the university system is an idea whose time has come.


It is not my intention to tell people not to go to university – on the contrary, do whatever you have to do to GET MONEY.

I am talking merely of things in the larger scheme of things.

Right now, a system is in place which requires people who are not extraordinarily talented to acquire a university degree in order to make money.

Making money is the most important thing for any man to do, period.

So, unless you have a plan to do something else, or you are a genius, then go to university and get some degree that is not some worthless social science bullshit.

I see people all over the right-wing internet shilling for all of this trade school stuff, and okay, whatever – if that’s your thing, do it. But unless you start your own business that is scalable in some blue-collar field, you are never going to make serious money in any blue-collar field.

I went to school with a kid whose dad was rich from owning a corporate and otherwise luxury landscaping company. Though he was a boomer who made those moves in a much better era. Trump may or may not make such things possible again, I don’t know.

Furthermore, I know a lot of computer programmers and people who otherwise work on the internet who have gotten rich doing internet things, which required no college education.

And of course, we are always told about all of the famous billionaires who did not finish college.

But for the most part, income is correlated with a college education. In general. So, yes – I do advise it, as a general rule, because that is the way the system works at present and at present we cannot abolish this system and replace it with government testing centers which test you for things you learned on the internet.

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