The United Kingdom is Turning Into the United Ghetto: Throwing Axes, Chimp-Outs, Knife Attacks

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 9, 2019

Have you seen what’s happening in the United “Kingdom” lately? Everything’s going to shit, man.

Daily Mail:

Startling new figures reveal how knife attacks have more than doubled over five years in some parts of the UK, as Britain’s streets are rife with bloody violence that has seen sixth teenagers stabbed to death in the space of a week.

Several counties, including Cambridgeshire, Gloucestershire and Hertfordshire, recorded an increase of more than 100 per cent in crimes involving knives or sharp instruments from 2013 to 2018.

The figures come on the day a 19-year-old woman was stabbed to death in Leeds, while two men were attacked with knives in separate incidents in Grimsby and Manchester.

They have news about attacks involving knives every day now.

Blacks there are even throwing axes and stuff.

Close call.

Daily Mail:

Here is the despicable moment a group of young thugs turn on a passing cyclist, viciously chasing him down a bike trail while throwing a weapon at him.

The incident took place around 2pm on Saturday on the Fallowfield Loop bike path in Gorton, Manchester.

The off-road cycle path and adjacent Yellow Brick Road pathway has become notorious for crimes against bikers with 21 attacked in the last Autumn, according to figures from Walk Ride Greater Manchester.

The four hooded men, with their faces hidden, can be seen spinning around to ambush the cyclist from behind after he passes the group.

The footage was captured by a camera cleverly mounted on the cyclists bike.

Peddling down the path at full speed the cyclist eventually out paces the thugs pursuing him on foot.

The cyclist, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the Manchester Evening News: ‘When I was cycling back I got through the cycling gates. I saw four lads up ahead.

‘I thought ‘Right something is going to happen. I am just going to have to go through it, I am not going to give up that easily’.

I went towards them. There was a gap on the road. They were chasing me as well. I was conscious they were throwing something at me.

I thought it was a stick, it was thrown by the one wearing a grey tracksuit. After looking at the pictures it looks like a hammer or a small axe.

‘I am fortunate I managed to get away. They expected me to stop and I didn’t.’

He added: ‘The worst part of it was the lack of support from the police, I have had to beg them to do anything.

I told them I have got video. I made a complaint against the lack of investigation. I spent hours on the phone to police officers and inspectors.

‘They eventually sent some neighbourhood police, they said the video evidence was really good.

The lack of police presence and cooperation is quite telling of the government’s agenda, isn’t it?

Britons are on their own now.

Not even the elderly are safe.

Daily Mail:

An elderly couple have told of the terrifying moment a machete-wielding thug attacked them in their home before the husband bravely fought them off with a chair.

The couple, named by police only as Josephine and Colin, were ambushed outside their home at 3pm on February 11, when a robber demanded the keys to their VW Golf.

Eventually the gang fled empty handed after the couple’s neighbours in Stevens Road, Stourbridge, West Midlands, ran to help them.

Dashcam footage captured the yobs fleeing the scene on a scooter following the daylight attack.

Speaking at a police press conference yesterday, she said: ‘They got me by the garage door and it all escalated from there.

Me and Colin got ourselves into the house via the garage door and there was this young boy in the sitting room with a chair and a knife in his hand.

Colin had to pick up a chair to defend us. I was just telling him to put the chair down and I would get him the keys.

‘I thought if I could get him into the hall I could get him out of the house but once we got to the hall there was a neighbour standing there and neighbours outside and they just fled.

‘But prior to that they’d smashed a lovely vase in the hall, smashed a glass. They were quite violent and so loud, totally out of control.

‘I think we’re probably settling down now but I will never forget the knife and the noise.

It’s all turning into one giant ghetto there.

Daily Mail:

This is the brutal moment that three girls punch and kick another girl in a horrific attack ‘sparked by jealousy over a boyfriend’.

The girls set upon the victim as a small crowd gathers, while others film the attack on a street in West Yorkshire.

The unknown victim is held down by two girls while another girl in a white jumper repeatedly punches her in the head before kicking her in the groin. It is not known when the attack took place.

See for yourself:

But hey, the solution to all of that is to bring in more of those apes and give them education and money and stuff so they don’t get violent.

After all, diversity is our strength.