The Unbearable Whiteness of Rape

Daily Stormer
May 27, 2017

In the movies, all rapists are White. Just like in real life.

Feminist scholars have always known that all men are rapists, but their recent studies suggest that all men also become White when they rape. That’s because rape reinforces fascist heteronormative structures of White patriarchy that oppress women, and as such POC rapists transmute the social construct of “race” from “non-white” to “white” , because it benefits Trump.(If you don’t understand what this means, you clearly need to check your privilege and educate yourself)

View these in a new tab to enlarge:

James, Jonathan Jones – White

Silve-Riveira Heriberto – White

Seay JR., Howard – White

Hanif, Rehan – White

Amhaz, Yousseff Hussein – White

Mosqueda, Omar – White

Agosto, Jessie – White

Alicea, Jose A – White

Aranzamendi, Jose – White

Bayron, Felipa A – White

Aguirre, Tito – White

Aponte, Miguel – White

Armstrong, Jerome – White


Carreon, Emiliano – White

These are all pictures I got from various US state sex offender registries, which are available to everyone on the internet.

I had initially wanted to post more of them, but these sites are almost all horrible, and load very slowly, maybe on purpose, maybe because of affirmative action, or maybe both. Keep in mind, America is probably the last White country in the world with a somewhat functional and transparent judicial and law enforcement system.

And if they can do this kind of stuff there and (mostly) get away with it, even in highly publicized cases, can you imagine what the situation might actually be western Europe? Sweden might have 5-6 times more rapes in reality than in “official” statistics, and we’d have no way of even guessing it.