The UN Warns of a “Famine of Biblical Proportions” Sweeping Much of the Third World

The United Nations is now claiming that there will be a “famine of Biblical proportions” as a result of the coronavirus, The Hill reports. In actual reality, what they mean to say is that there will be a famine as a result of the lockdown. It sounds better to blame it on the virus.

Why it matters: This is an international crisis that the leaders of the Western world are going to demand bizarre responses to.

  • In April, the head of the UN’s World Food Program said that devastating famines would happen in dozens of countries as a result of the lockdowns.
  • Western nations gave money and this allegedly enabled the UN to avoid the worst case scenario.
  • With this new wave of shutdowns, the risk of mass starvation in the third world is again rearing its head.
  • The WFP is demanding more money from white people to feed these brown hordes.
  • This has only just begun.

The big picture: The virus itself presented virtually no risk to the world, but the decision was made by leaders to shut down countries and destroy the global economy.

  • The “coronavirus pandemic” was a hoax that was purposefully designed to create chaos across the world.
  • Millions more people than died of the virus will die from the lockdowns.
  • In the West, people will die from despair. Drug addiction and suicide have already soared, and will continue to rise indefinitely.
  • In much of the third world, the death will be much more dramatic, as the people will not have food.

Of note: Third world countries that do not rely on Western handouts will do better than the West, overall, given that they are used to a lower quality of life and their food supply chains are much less convoluted. However, many brown people across the world rely entirely on handouts from white people to prevent starvation.

  • When the inevitable economic fallout finally hits hard, everything in society is going to have to be massively scaled down.
  • It is possible that our own food supply lines will be disrupted, and we could see hunger in the Western world.
  • Our governments will likely put feeding third worlders above feeding their own people.
  • We have already seen an explosion in people going to food banks in the US, and that is expected to continue.

In the long run, it is impossible to avoid a complete collapse of the global economy, which will lead to unimaginable suffering. However, those suffering will be able to say: “at least we did the right thing and stopped people from getting this terrible, deadly flu that only has a 99.97% survival rate.” That will likely make everyone conclude that generations of suffering was worth it.