The Ukraine: Right Sector Second in Command is a “Proud Jew”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 29, 2015

Borislav Bereza: He's one of those new Jews that takes steroids and pretends to be masculine.  Like Shane in The Walking Dead.
Borislav Bereza: He’s one of those new Jews that takes steroids and pretends to be masculine. Like Shane in The Walking Dead.

Remember when all those White Nationalists were saying that the revolution had started in the Ukraine, and Pravy Sektor was leading the charge to free the White race from oppression?

Then remember when the Daily Stormer was like “wait no, I don’t think so.  The whole Ukraine revolution is being run by all Jews”

Then remember people were like “yeah, well, sure, of course it’s all Jews, but Right Sector is still the real deal.  They are just biding their time.”

Then remember when the Daily Stormer was like “okay, bro, we’ll just have to watch what happens with all that.”


My meeting with Right Sector’s Borislav Bereza, newly elected member of the Ukrainian Parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, took place on a sunny Friday morning.

Despite the prognostications of Russian television, the right wing and ultra-nationalist party that is widely considered to be emblematic of the new iteration of “Ukrainian Fascism” failed to breach the 5 percent threshold required for parliamentary representation. Only two of its deputies were elected from the party to represent specific constituencies, party leader Dmitry Yarosh and party speaker Bereza, who ran a slightly frenzied campaign that focused on his busting up illegal unlicensed bars and underground casinos. That Bereza is a proudly outspoken and synagogue-going Jew is often pointed out by those who do not agree with the mounting equivalence of Right Sector with neo-fascism.

We were put in touch by a mutual friend whom we both highly respect, a Kiev-based Orthodox Jewish film producer.

The day before we met he had told a Ukrainian newspaper that “Putin understands very well that his modern Russia could very well follow in the footsteps of the USSR with a complete collapse.”

Undiplomatic and completely intense, Bereza, who spoke with me in Russian, turned out to be one of the most likable politicians I had ever met, a cross between a drinking buddy, an Israeli paratrooper, and the aggressively militant Jewish partisan played by Liev Schreiber in Defiance. I congratulated him with a “Mazel tov” on his being elected a deputy and he responded with an enthusiastic “Baruch Hashem!”

Yep. Not even shrouded crypto Jews or part-Jews – open, full-Jews – practicing religious Jews even – are running the Pravy Sektor, bragging about how Jewish they are.

"But they looked so super-hardcore and Nazi????"
“But they looked so super-hardcore and Nazi????”

Here is part of the interview:

You are a Jew.

Yes. I am a Jew.

So, you are Jewish believer, I am told you go to synagogue, and also that you strongly consider yourself to be a member of the Jewish people.

Of course. I am not an Orthodox Jew, I do not wear peyes, or a kippah in public, but I try to go to synagogue as often as I can. I study the Torah, and that is absolutely a harmonically integrated part of my life. I go to Israel every year, since 1993, and I have lived there.

But you are also a member of Right Sector?

I am a Jew and also a Cohen. There have never been any questions about this. Right Sector is composed of people of varied nationalities, not just Ukrainians and Jews, but also Poles and Belorussians, Georgians, Chechens, we have people of every [Soviet] ethnicity represented. The question is not one of ethnicity; it is “are you a Ukrainian? Do you support Ukraine? Are you a Ukrainian patriot?” In which case, you are my brother. If you are Ukraine’s enemy, whatever nationality you might be, you and I have nothing to talk about.

The reason such questions arise is that, as you know, this country has historically witnessed many problems between its constituent nationalities. There have always been problems between Poles and Ukrainians, Ukrainians and Russians and, yes, Ukrainians and Jews.

Yes, that is so. I do not deny that. I have myself experienced casual everyday anti-Semitism. This is something I have experienced continuously since living in the Soviet Union, when my father could not go to the university he wanted to attend because he was a Jew. There were quotas for Jews, he was told. Yes, of course you are right.

I know that anti-Semitism still exists on the everyday level in Ukraine, I have felt it myself. But it is a minor problem. There is also Russophobia and Ukrainaphobia here in certain quarters, it certainly exists. But the question of anti-Semitism is not a serious ideological problem or question in this society.

There are seven things which should be learned from this gross debacle.

1) You cannot simply take people at their word that they are representative of a nationalist movement. You cannot simply look at their flags. You have to look at what they are actually doing. Then you look for the Jews running it.

2) The Jewish media and other Jews will use confusing emotive rhetoric in every situation, not simply for the purpose of demonizing enemies, but also causing confusion and distortion in a more general manner.

3) The entire Ukrainian revolution was caused by the West to destabilize Russia and bring more poor people into the EU for further social destabilization of that bloc. There was never any positive aspect to it. It was a stirring-up of peasants against their betters.

4) A peasant revolution is not positive unless it has its own intellectual wing (meaning it isn’t actually a peasant revolution, just a revolution in which peasants are involved). A peasant revolution without it’s own intellectual wing will always be run by Jews.

5) The Ukraine is not a country, it is a territory, and the people are not capable of managing their own affairs. The Ukrainian territory should belong either to Russia or Hungary.

6) Regardless of your opinions of Vladimir Putin, the Jews are involved in an open war with the nation of Russia, attempting to re-establish dominance over the last remaining bastion of Western White Christian Civilization.

7) The Daily Stormer was right.