The Ukraine: Ceasefire is Already Pretty Well Over

Daily Stormer
February 16, 2015

Unlike most wars, Ukraine war isn't even fun.
Unlike most wars, Ukraine war isn’t even fun.

So, as predicted, the Ukrainian ceasefire isn’t lasting for even a short little time.

Weep, Ms. Merkel – weep and admit the Nazis were right.


A new cease-fire in Ukraine is teetering on the brink of collapse as Ukrainian government forces and pro-Russia separatist rebels are accusing each other of violating the truce around a key town which each side claims as under its control.

The Ukrainian military said on Monday that its forces have come under fire 112 times in the past day, with 88 attacks registered on the railway town of Debaltseve, a critical transport hub in Ukraine’s east Donetsk region.

Five soldiers have been killed and 25 wounded in the latest attacks, which occured despite a European-brokered truce that went into effect Saturday at midnight.

On Sunday, pro-Russian rebels battling Ukrainian forces said the terms of cease-fire did not apply to Debaltseve, where thousands of government troops are said to be encircled by separatist fighters.
“You can hear there is no ceasefire,” said a rebel fighter
with a black ski mask who gave his name as Scorpion, his nom de guerre, and blamed the fighting on Kyiv’s forces. “Debaltseve is our land. And we will take Debaltseve.”

The separatists offered Kyiv’s troops safe-passage out of Debaltseve, but only if they laid down their arms. A spokesman for Ukraine’s military, Vladislav Seleznyov, told Reuters he rejected the proposal.

Kyiv insists that the latest truce deal put Debaltseve under government control.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe said on Sunday its monitors in eastern Ukraine were turned back from Debaltseve.

What this obviously means is that Obama is literally going to send the Ukraine weapons to kill their own people. And weapons means advisers, and eventually advisers mean troops.

And Putin isn’t just going to sit back and watch it happen.  If there is one thing we have learned about Putin, it is that he is not the sitting back and watching things happen type of guy.

Meanwhile, ISIS is on the coast of the Mediterranean threatening an invasion of Europe.

All of this would have been so easy to not do.

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