The UK Finally Found a Syrian Refugee They Didn’t Want Around

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
June 3, 2018

If these are the ones they want, which are the ones they refuse?

I was astounded to hear that the UK had actually rejected a Syrian refugee’s visa request recently. I mean, this brings up so many questions…

First, I wasn’t aware that refusing brown people was even an option over there. I didn’t think such a procedure even existed. I mean, if it did, you’d think Britain wouldn’t be having all these problems with knife attacks and trucks of peace.

Are you telling me this guy passed some kind of bureaucratic examination before he was allowed in?

Second, and even more frightening, is the question of what kind of monster this guy must be to be denied entry, when even straight up returning ISIS militants are welcomed back with open arms.

This guy must be some kind of… Super-Moslem?

Did he show up to the immigration office twirling a scimitar? He must have.


Abdullah Karam, co-creator of an autobiographical game about leaving Syria in 2014, has been denied entry into the United Kingdom. Karam’s visa application was rejected just days before he was supposed to attend the Casual Connect Europe games conference in London where his game, Path Out, was nominated for the Indie Prize award.

A… Game developer?

Oh, boy. I think I know what’s going on here…

What does this guy look like?

This is his Twitter photo:

Well, I just found your problem right there.

Karam currently resides in Austria, where he’s received refugee status. This has previously allowed him to travel to a number of different European countries without issue, according to a report by However, when he learned that Path Out was nominated for the Indie Prize in April (past winners include Hue, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, and Floor Kids), he learned he’d need a visa in order to travel inside the UK, where the event was scheduled to take place at the end of May. According to Karam, this process required paying to expedite the process and traveling numerous times to Vienna for interviews.

After everything was finally submitted, Karam learned on May 23 that his application had been rejected. Karam shared the rejection letter with It pointed to a lack of sufficient “translated evidence” by the game designer demonstrating his income. The reviewer of his application determined that Karam could not “be relied upon to meet the conditions of visit entry clearance” and wasn’t convinced he intended to leave the UK once the visit was over.

So this Karam guy is a White-looking, European-presenting, English-speaking moslem with a high-IQ and technical skills, and his own source of income.

Looks pretty huWhite to me.

And he’s only requesting a visit for a few days in order to attend an award ceremony – he’s not asking for any gibs.

Moreover, he actually filled forms and shit before coming.

In other words, he was ticking all the wrong boxes for the type of people people the British government is actually interested in receiving.

Basically, these immigration bureaucracies are extremely strict and confusing, making immigrating to most Western countries very difficult and complicated. If you’re White, that is. Because White people are the only ones who bother with meticulously filling out all these forms, and are also the only ones these immigration laws are enforced against.

Britain actually kicked out this man’s (White) wife, splitting their family.

In other words, if you have enough agency to be following official procedures, you’ll be put in a system meant to keep you out.

But if you just show up and demand asylum and infinity everything, you’ll be treated like a king and never kicked out, even if you commit crimes non-stop.

If Karam had just rushed the border while twirling a scimitar and screaming “Alluha Akbar!,” he’d have had a hell of a better chance to attend his award ceremony than by filling the forms.

He probably should have gotten a tan, too.