The Truth About the “Nazi Stabbing” in Sweden

Daily Stormer
March 18, 2014

Saint Showan Shattak: He looks like a Jew to me.
Saint Showan Shattak: He looks like a Jew to me.

The story of the ”Nazi attack” in Malmö here in the south of Sweden on March 10 is a really chutzpah attack. The Jewish newspapers are altering reality once again.

This is the story they’re presenting:

Armed with knives, Nazis tried to assassinate feminists Saturday night in Malmo, Sweden, when they attacked a group of 4 men and 2 women. 4 of the group suffered knife injuries, including one young man, who was wounded in a lung, and another one was severely injured to the head. He is an anti-homophobia activist, and he is still in a coma. The others who were not stabbed were beaten.

However, from day one the nationalists involved in the street fight said that the event unfolded like this:

1. The nationalists, 6 persons, were attacked in one of the most notorious communist areas in Sweden, on the way home after going watching an MMA event. The perpetrators consisted of some 15-30 militant communists, that succeeded in making the nationalists flee at initial contact.
2. One of the nationalists fell and was attacked by multiple militant communists at once.
3. The remaining nationalist turned back, and had to use knifes to free their injured comrade from the communists.
4. The nationalists sought assistance from police after that because one of them was injured

After the event, the Jewish media created a nationwide hype, calling it a “Nazi attack”. One of the communists got stabbed in his lung, making his condition critical. A woman also got stabbed in her armpit.

Showan Shattak/ Showan Ebadi: The male communist that ran into a knife is active in various left-wing extremist groups. He also posted a statement on Facebook where he sneered at people condemning gang violence against people lying on the ground. His argument was basically that “these guys are Nazis and kill people every year, go ahead and kick them while they are lying on the ground.”

In case you can read Swedish.
In case you can read Swedish.

The woman involved was also a left-wing extremist that recently infiltrated a Danish nationalist group.

The police in Sweden stated that the “Nazi attack” was all a construct by the media:

“The police have gotten the picture from a variety of testimonies, provided by witnesses from the Nazi gang, protesters and police on the ground, that a group of between 15 and 30 protesters rushed towards the Nazis, who tried to flee the scene. One of the Nazis reportedly had fallen and injured himself. When the protesters caught up outside People’s Park, they had a wild fight. Several Nazis were armed with knives and then went to attack.”

The left-wing extremists say that the event took place like this (even this doesn’t flow with the media narrative):

1. The nationalists, 6 persons, stabbed a minor group of left-wing militants.
2. A crowd of some 20 left-wing militants then attacked the nationalists that fled.
3. They then found stabbed persons.

The police waited a couple of days before they took statements from the left-wing extremists, leaving them time to get their story straight.

It is important to know the humongous power the Jewish media in Sweden has over the Swedish police. The media always gets it their way, especially when it comes to events such as this and immigrant policies.

The nationalists have reported the left-wing extremists to the police for aggravated assault. Meanwhile, the Jewish media is making Showan Shattak a martyr.