The Truth About Aristotle

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 14, 2016

Wow, Stef made a philosophy video.

I guess with Trump pretty well assured the White House, we’ve all got a bit of time to chill.

Except I don’t have time to chill.


Maybe I’ll chill today. Will be a sunny Saturday today. Maybe I’ll knock-off early from my DS duties. I’ll just do crap like put a random Stefan Molyneux philosophy video in the top stories box, even though it isn’t really news and probably not very many people will watch it.

At least people will read these words I’m writing right now and be like “this isn’t funny LOL.”

The video is worth watching though.

A compelling introduction to Aristotle, considered by some the smartest person who ever lived.

Aristotle was considered so dominant in philosophy that for centuries in the Middle Ages, he was simply referred to as “The Philosopher.” He invented logic; his scientific classifications are still more or less in use today.

Aristotle’s thinking has always been the strongest line of defense against relativism, subjectivism and mysticism. Aristotle empowers the individual, promotes skepticism of authority.

Aristotle saved Western civilization from the Dark Ages – learn how his philosophy can benefit your life in the here and now!