The Trump-Wallace Debate was Literally the Best Thing I’ve Ever Seen in My Entire Life

I am perhaps the greatest writer of my generation, quite possibly the single greatest writer who ever lived, but there is simply no way that I could ever put into words how happy the Donald Trump v. Chris Wallace debate made me.

When Wallace showed up in Cleveland on Tuesday, he was a man. He left as a puddle of goop. This Jew was liquefied, and watching it was more satisfying than a well done steak with ketchup on it.

If you haven’t watched it yet, watch it right now. Here’s the full thing.

The power within the body of Donald Trump is simply staggering. This is like if you took all of the energy of the sun and put it inside a container. This could be the explanation as to why he has orange skin – he literally has a sun inside of his body, fueling him.

Watching it, you just expected lasers to start shooting out of his eyes.

Joe Biden, an old, frail, confused person, was also at the debate, hanging out near the side of the stage and chuckling. Trump destroyed him as well. It was like Bum Fights if instead of two bums fighting, a bum fought Colby Covington.

Colby Covington was at the debate, by the way. I’m certain that Joe Biden would have preferred that Colby had gotten up on stage and beat the shit out of him to the beating he received from Donald Trump.

The takeaway from the debate is this: Donald Trump is the greatest person on earth. He shouldn’t be president, he should be king. If he were king, he wouldn’t have to deal with all of the scum in Congress, the scum that runs his government, and he could deal directly with the needs of the people. Several times during the event, Joe Biden would say, “his own government disagrees with him.” And that is of course the key problem. His own government, with scumbags like William Barr, Chad Wolf, Mike Pompeo, Anthony Fauci – they are preventing him from doing the will of the people. The Trump we saw on stage in Cleveland was a true leader of the people, who would crush the enemies of the people if he did not have this filth swarming him.

I do not think it is possible for anyone to watch this debate and believe that Joe Biden is a better leader than Donald Trump. There are a lot of things about the Trump presidency that I’m not happy with, and though the majority of that can and should be blamed on his government and not him, there are probably things he could do better. But we are now entering into the most troubled time in human history, and in fact we’re already in it, and anyone can see that this is the man who needs to be in charge.

Biden did do better than I expected, in that he mostly remained coherent. But he just kept saying that things that are known to be true were not true. He denied that his son Hunter received $3.5 million from the Mayor of Moscow, saying the media said it wasn’t true. Well, the government is the one that made the claim, and they would have the record of the wire transfer, so I wouldn’t believe the media either way, but I actually haven’t seen the media say it’s false.

He was definitely on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company that took over after the revolution that Barack Obama threw in the Ukraine. He received hundreds of thousands of dollars for that job. He has no background in energy, and he’s a literal crackhead. Biden didn’t deny that, he just said there was nothing wrong with it.

How can there be nothing wrong with it? Biden is claiming that his son was hired for some reason unrelated to the fact that his father was the vice president, which simply isn’t possible. They hired a random American crackhead? Put him on the board and paid him hundreds of thousands? They could have just picked any random crack-smoking American?

Biden also continually claimed that it doesn’t matter what his son does. That is also false. Someone can say, “oh, don’t bring my family into this,” and that’s fine. Trump brought up the fact that his son smokes crack, and Biden was like, “yes, he had a drug problem like many Americans and he dealt with it, I’m proud of him,” and Trump said, “okay, great, well, what about the $3.5 million from Moscow, Joe?” The corruption is directly related to Joe Biden, because the reason that these foreign entities are giving all of this money to Hunter is so they can have direct access to Joe. That is called “influence peddling,” and it is a very serious thing. It means that the policy of Joe Biden is for sale to the highest bidder. You don’t want a government that is run like that. It causes a lot of problems.

Biden also denied that he called the troops “stupid bastards.” That’s on tape. He would say that’s a joke, it was framed as a joke, but it seemed very spiteful.

The funniest part is that Joe Biden denied all of his own policy positions. He literally walked back on most of what he’s been saying for the last year. It was incredible to see him just deny all of his own plans.

He denied the Green New Deal, and Trump said, “hey, that’s big news.” He also denied that he wants to defund the police. He denied that he wants a single-payer healthcare system. Basically, during the course of the debate, he changed all of his policies. He’s going to have a lot of explaining to do to his base. He can go back out to them and say, “no, actually, I do support all that stuff, I was just trying to trick Donald Trump,” but I doubt that will go over very well.

People in the media are complaining that Trump interrupted too much. But it was a debate. I’m sure Trump is angry, but he wasn’t just losing it. He calculated that this was the best way to present himself – breathing fire.

These are serious times. We are dealing with what amounts to an apocalypse. The Democrats actually want to completely destroy this country. To go out there and be all friendly with a man who is literally the figurehead of a movement that wants to open the borders, destroy the family, remove everyone’s rights, force people to live in pods and eat bugs, and everything else these people are planning would have demonstrated that Trump isn’t serious. Trump is serious. He understands what we are facing, and he isn’t playing a game.

Joe Biden did nothing through the entire debate but chuckle. This guy should change his name to “Chuckles Biden.” I haven’t seen someone chuckle like this since the last time I took psychedelic mushrooms.

This guy is saying that if Trump gets reelected, the whole world will be destroyed. So what’s he chuckling about? If a space alien who knew nothing about the politics saw this, he would say, “the orange man appears very angry and serious, while the other seems to think the situation is casual and not very serious.”

What’s more, the context of the chuckling seemed to always be that he thought it was funny that Trump is serious and concerned about what’s going on in this country.

The reason this was a different debate than the ones people are used to is that all of the previous debates were with shill Republicans, who don’t care about the country, and actually are friends with the people who want to destroy it. Lindsey Graham actually appears to be in love with Joe Biden. We can’t have that. We need people who hate Democrats, who want to destroy them before they destroy America. Trump destroyed Joe Biden on Tuesday night, and the only way that Trump is going to be removed from office is if he is dragged out by the military.

The issue of voter fraud was discussed at length, and we got a very good look at just how serious Trump is about this. He has basically already decided that he is going to win and that they are going to try to take it from him with these mail ballots, and he is apparently ready to deal with that situation.

I think he’s ready to go. I believe it now. I didn’t know before, but I am now a believer: Trump is ready for a war in the streets of America to save this country from the beast that is riding in on Joe Biden.

At one point, Trump was asked to disavow white supremacists, and he said that he’d be happy to, but he doesn’t know who they are. I also don’t know who they are. Even if you accept that the people at Charlottesville were “white supremacists,” all of those groups are gone. They’re definitely not involved in fighting Antifa.

Wallace asked if he would tell them to “stand down.”

“I would say almost everything I see is from the left wing, not the right wing,” Trump told Wallace. “I’m willing to do anything. I want to see peace … What do you want to call them? Give me a name. Give me a name?”

“Proud Boys? Stand back and stand by.”

He didn’t condemn anyone, and he didn’t tell them to stand down – he told them to stand back and to stand by.

What that appears to me to indicate is “wait until I give the signal.”

I got shivers. I still have shivers. He is telling the people to stand by. As in: get ready for war.

He’s not going to let these people just roll over him with this fraud plot. He’s going to tell his people to go out into the streets. He was asked to agree not to tell people to go out into the streets and he wouldn’t. Probably, this is going to end with the country breaking up, which is the exact thing that I wanted to happen.

But you all need to understand: this is real life and this is happening. In a month’s time, your president could ask you to go out into the streets and defend your country. You need to be ready to do that.

You remember when I told you that the people who go to protests with guns are trivializing the fact that there is going to come a time when we will need to go out in the streets with guns for some other reason than playing dress-up? Well, that time could be coming before the end of the year. Of course, Trump is going to give the orders, and the first calls for people in the streets will be unarmed, but it could escalate very quickly into a shooting war. Prepare yourself for that.

I watched the debate on CNN’s stream, and immediately after it ended, Wolf Blitzer showed up and said, “we’ll have to decide, but we might not do anymore debates, because that was too messy.”

This was clearly a planned thing, something they decided before the debate happened, because every single media person was saying it at the same time.

That is a really bitch move, but it doesn’t much matter. This was enough. Everyone gets it now.