The True Story of Daily Stormer’s Death and Resurrection

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 17, 2015

How's about a little of this, kikes?
How’s about a little of this, kikes?

So, a few hours ago the Daily Stormer returned from its longest-ever downtime.

This was not the result of antifa hackers. This was not the result of an insolent host responding to SPLC/ADL/Jewever complaints that the site is filled with hatred. This was not the result of me screwing something up by accident. These things, as you know, have happened to us, and have resulted in troubles. But these troubles were solved with relative quickness.

This was an event of a whole other order.

The upstream ISPs shut me down at source, and completely blocked global access to my server.

For those who aren’t technical, this is a utility service which communicates data from the web host of a site’s IP address to the internet itself, where downstream ISPs – Comcast, Time-Warner, etc., as well as the T-Mobile data connections – the ones you pay for – pick up the content to deliver to your devices.

Here is the list of people who have previously been shut off at this level:

  • Child pornographers
  • Al-Queda terrorists
  • Bittorrent sites (or others violating DMCA)
  • 8chan

Note: The last one was the only non-illegal one to be shut down, shut down under the pretense of hosting “pedophilic” material – they host nothing illegal, just have a free speech policy which allows posting “child modeling” photos (these are non-nude pictures of girls under the age of 18). None of the chan sites exclusively devoted to this “child modeling” material have been shut down, nor have the companies which produce it and distribute it. The difference is, 8chan talks about Jews.

The Daily Stormer is the first site ever in history to be blocked by upstream providers solely because it talks about the Jews.

And, needless to say, it was the first one to come back, and keep coming at these Jews for the whole world to see.


This was a nuclear option, meant to permanently cripple the site in a way where it could still exist, but it would be impossible for anyone, anywhere, to access it.

To use an analogy, going back to pre-internet days: This is like the government telling a newspaper publisher that of course, they have a right to free speech and can print whatever they like, but private companies are legally allowed to machine-gun down their paper delivery boys on the street.

I have no idea how what they have done can have been legal, and am assuming it isn’t.

Most of the last five days was spent attempting to figure out a way to access the server itself, without literally sending someone to the server rack and plugging a keyboard and monitor into it.

A Hero Emerges

As I was in the middle of smashing my head against a brick wall, in between taking long swigs from a bottle of Jack Daniels, a hero emerged to save us from these kikes.

Riding in on a White Horse, came Andrew Auernheimer – the man known as weev – with a solution to our problems which no kike can take down.


Short of actually shooting me in the head, there is no way the Daily Stormer will stop. And if I am shot in the head, we have men ready to take my place.

Let me be crystal clear here: if it were not for weev, the Daily Stormer would still be down, and it may have been down indefinitely, because I don’t know anyone else who could have figured out what he figured out, and certainly no one who would do it for free out of love for our race.

As of right now, Andrew Auernheimer is as responsible for the existence of this website as Andrew Anglin.

He hasn’t asked me to do this, but I would like to ask everyone who cares about this site, everyone who was outraged at the possibility of it being down indefinitely, to send him a few (or a bunch of) bitcoins.


Anything you might have been going to send to me this month, send to him instead.

The Future

My hope is that this is a one-off, and that whoever ordered this move against me isn’t able to do it again. I do not believe this will become a normal course of action, as it so flagrantly violates free speech laws in the United States. But if it is done, we have a way out.

I imagine that the EFF as well as tech blogs will be interested in what has taken place here. Though I usually don’t do interviews, in this case I will.

This should, in a just world, go to the Supreme Court, and these people should be forced to give me money, which I will then use to continue to work to stop these Jews.

But until that happens, I am just happy to be back online.

Until the last serpent is driven from our lands.
Until the last serpent is driven from our lands.

The feeling I had when I saw the site back up was a feeling I can only compare to being 5-years-old and waking up on Christmas morning. And to winning a fist fight with someone a lot bigger than me, when there are a lot of girls watching, and then slowly raising my arms into the air.

Thank You. Each and Every One of You.

I am so blessed to be able to do what I do, and I thank you all so much for supporting me. The number of emails and tweets I got in support during this period confirmed, yet again, just how important this work we do is, and how many lives we are changing as we work toward changing the whole world.

And we will change the world.

You’d best bring your whole crew, kikes. Because we are an army.

God and destiny are on our side. And nothing can stop us.

Hail Victory.
Andrew Anglin