The Triggering: Andrew Jackson Thanksgiving Posters for Your University!

Jonathan Boone and Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 21, 2016


We’re not sorry.

We won then, we’ll win now, we’ll win until there’s no one left to beat.

This Thanksgiving weekend, gather your agency and prepare for some festive jimmy-rustling. After the insanity of Black Friday and a weekend of pissing off their parents with buzzwords from Gender Studies and virtue-signaling about poor Injuns, what better face to greet returning students than that of proto-shitlord Andrew Jackson?

This holiday presents us with an opportunity to keep pushing our enemies closer to the edge and close out the best Current Year yet with one last low-key poster drive:

  1. Print out copies of the poster below
  2. Wait for the weekend and the chaos that surrounds it (praise kek)
  3. Put them up in and around universities and other places leftists/Jews congregate
  4. Use wheatpaste if legally able (check local bylaws), otherwise use strong tape (you can put them on bulletin boards, though there they are likely to be ripped down quickly)
  5. Those not participating IRL amplify online impressions with stories/tweets

Here is the original:


pdf version here.

Here is the Anglin mod – for the bold among ye:


pdf version here.

You can use whichever one you wish. Either is going to trigger someone.