The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are a Casualty of the Coronavirus

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 23, 2020

There is a 100% chance that every country is going to follow the lead of Canada.

The Olympics are not happening.

Cape Breton Post:

The Canadian Olympic Committee and Canadian Paralympic Committee announced on Sunday night the decision to not send Canadian teams to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in the summer of 2020.

The decision to pull out was finalized during a teleconference held late Sunday afternoon involving Canadian Olympic Committee and paralympic committee members.

The nation is the first country to announce it won’t send its athletes to the Games.

“(Canada) will inform the IOC that based on current medical information that Canada will not participate in an Olympic Games that starts on July 24 or a Paralympic Games that starts on August 25th,” according to notes from the teleconference.

The Canadian Olympic Committee position is “that it is unfair and unethical to force athletes to train (or at least make choice to train) in the current COVID-19 Pandemic environment.”

Japan’s Prime Minister has stated that it’s inevitable that they’ll be canceled.

Channel News Asia:

Postponing the Olympics over the coronavirus pandemic may become “inevitable”, Japan’s prime minister conceded on Monday (Mar 23), after the International Olympic Committee said a delay was being considered as pressure grows from athletes and sports bodies.

The comments from Shinzo Abe were his first acknowledgement that the 2020 Games may not open as scheduled on Jul 24, as the coronavirus marches across the globe causing unprecedented chaos.

The Olympics are kind of gay anyway and I don’t care.

But canceling a global cultural event – the main global cultural event, which isn’t even going to start until long after the virus is gone – demonstrates just how far out of control this is spiraling.

The Coronavirus is going to keep coming back every year, and keep killing a few people.

So does this mean in the future, everything is canceled forever?

If so, that’s pretty dumb, but whatever.

I just want the government to give me free money to buy Doom Eternal.

That is so far up on my list of priorities right now, that anything else is just an afterthought.

I wish Mike Pence, who is in charge of managing the release of Doom Eternal, or the Coronavirus, or whatever, was taking this all a little bit more seriously.

I mean, the guy wants to make a joke, okay – I like jokes.

But get me my games, Pence.