The Time of Innocence and the Age of Consent

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
March 14, 2014

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Innocence, the most precious of all possessions.

The most precious thing in the world is innocence. Once it is gone, it can never be brought back. While you have it, you are unaware of it and once you have lost it, the memory of how you were when you had it quickly disappears. Innocence is the target of pedophiles and predators; instead of seeking to protect it, they scheme and plot to steal it away.

One of the ways that innocence is guarded is through the legal age of consent. Before we had this legal definition of the age at which someone is capable of giving informed consent, it was down to the parents to give their consent and they decided when their child was mature enough to be married. This has traditionally been at an earlier age than it is now, but those marriages back then were marriages for life in accordance with natural law. There was little chance of the marriage taking place just to satisfy lust and the sex act was honored for what it is for, rather than desired for the short lasting side effects of it.

The idea of having a legal age for consent originally prevented parents from marrying off their children too young, but now it is there to prevent young people from being taken advantage of by sexual predators. At whatever age people are at they try to make the best decisions they can, based on their limited knowledge of life. As you get older, that knowledge expands and you become aware of variables that you had not paid attention to before, as well as long term consequences. This enables you to weigh up the outcome of an action more accurately and affects your decision-making in a positive way. This is why it was down to the parents to give their consent, they had a far better idea of who would be best for the child to marry, as they themselves had the experience of marriage to draw from.

The younger a person is, the less aware they are of all the potential outcomes of their actions. Due to their inexperience, they are more easily beguiled by the wicked among us. Counterfeit consent can be more easily obtained for actions which will have negative consequences, the younger the person is. This is why homosexuals seek to lower the age of consent, for it makes it far easier for them to seduce young boys, when they are inexperienced and unsure of life and do not fully understand the consequences of what they are doing.

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Young men are a prime target for homosexuals who continually seek to push the age of consent lower and lower so that they can take advantage of youngsters lack of life experience.

One of the ways these homosexuals and pedophiles work to achieve their goals is to get people to see children as ‘young people’ or ‘small adults’ instead of as innocent children. The literature of the Pedophile Information Exchange relies upon this entirely to try to gain acceptance for their vile behavior. They claim that children like it and consent to being abused, sometimes even instigating it. Homosexuals like Peter Tatchell say the same, that young people (children in the eyes of the law) are capable of giving their consent and that they like it. They use phrases like ‘sex with children,’ implying that it is possible for children to give consent when they should be saying ‘the rape of children.’ The use of the phrase ‘child pornography’ is the same, implying that the child is somehow capable of consenting to it. Pornography by definition has to be consensual, so how can it be used to refer to those who cannot give consent? Even the word ‘pedophile’ itself implies some kind of benevolence towards children as it means to love children. “Pedabominor” would be a more accurate term.

Children are not capable of giving consent as they are unaware of all the outcomes that are possible from giving it. In fact, they are unaware of the most important outcome of all until they have actually lost their innocence, and of course, once they have lost their innocence and can give informed consent, it is lost forever and they can never get it back. This is why it is important to have a legal age of consent and why it is rape and not sex if it occurs before that age.

Many people seem to think that rape is taking sex by force or through violence, but that would mean that consenting sadomasochists were raping each other. They clearly are not raping each other if they have given their consent, no matter how much damage they inflict on each other.

At a very early age children start copying the way adults behave, this does not mean that they are adults, or are capable of making adult decisions.

Young people are desperate to appear as mature as possible and the easiest way for them to do this is to copy the behavior of adults. This can include adult habits like drinking and smoking but also through adopting the attitudes towards things that they see older people having. They will often have opinions on things without actually understanding the real reasons why people have those opinions, they will just be agreeing to look older. One of these things they will have opinions about will be sex, but unless they actually have experience, their opinions will be those of the people they admire and wish to be like, they will not be informed opinions from their own understanding. They may well think they are mature and knowledgeable, but unless they have lost their innocence in season, then their judgment on the issue will not be sound. The higher the age of consent the better it prevents children’s uninformed opinions from being taken advantage of. The older they are, the more likely they are to have observed the effects of sleeping around, what traits in people to be wary of and how their friends have been treated afterward.

The issue of an older man or teacher raping an underage girl is clearly understood by people as what it is, rape. Even when the girl says she gave her consent, or the man says she gave consent, unless possibly the parents had given their consent as well, then it is rape. But if it is an older woman, then people often seem to think this is okay. One of the reasons for this is because they have forgotten what it was like to be innocent. They are judging the case through their own eyes, having lost their innocence a long time ago. The eyes through which to assess whether it is okay for a much older woman to sexually know a young man under the age of consent, is through the eyes of an innocent. Would a child think that it is acceptable for a woman teacher to do that to one of her boy pupils?

Showing the older woman who took advantage of the young man’s libido out the door.

From what I see of the world, it is older women who are attracted to young boys more than older men are attracted to young girls. Just look at the Justin Bieber phenomenon a few years back. A very large portion of his fans were middle aged women who were not shy of saying how they felt about him. They were sexually attracted to an underage child in their millions, yet society failed entirely to condemn their fantasies as pedophilic. Most White men do not fantasize about bedding inexperienced virgins or wish to be in the company of childish girls. However many older women do fantasize about bedding virgins and actively pursue them. It is a purely sexual thing for them which can only leave the boy with a damaged view of sex and a warped view of women. If the age of consent were to be lowered you would not see many men chasing after very young girls, what you would see is women going after young boys and bragging about it.

Boys are highly oversexed in their teens and thanks to the promotion of promiscuous sex as being acceptable, will often be willing to sleep with just about anything to prove their vigor or to gain what they think will be a release for their desire. Middle-aged women that put it about are easily able to seduce young boys and the damage done to their ideas about sex, love and women can be considerable. However most people do not think about this because they had early promiscuous sex themselves and have not considered that it may well have been this behavior that led to their marriages breaking up when they were older, or normal sex becoming not exciting enough for them, or feeling a need to frequent prostitutes, or being unable to fully trust their partner – the list of possible negative consequences is endless.

All these negative things could be traced back to early sexual experimentation instead of waiting and marrying one partner for life. Because they have been the way they are for so long and have completely forgotten what it was like when they were still innocent, they encourage others to do the same. I don’t think they would be encouraging others to do the same if they realized how it had really affected them and identified that the reason they did it in the first place, was because their own innocence had been eroded.

Protecting a maidens virtue used to be of utmost importance in White culture. Imagine if the hero had won the Lady’s hand in marriage only to find out she was already wed to someone else? There was good reasoning behind the importance placed upon this.

The careless attitude that we now have towards sex, separating it as we have from its main purpose, has led to so many of societies ills, which all stem from the distortion and misuse of this sacrament.

In all White cultures, virginity used to be closely guarded and if a woman was not a virgin when she got married, then the marriage could be annulled and the woman was disgraced. This is because a bond is created between lawful husband and lawful wife that will last for life. Protecting a maiden’s virginity was of the highest importance because of this. It is so much harder to make a legal marriage work and to stay together in our modern world if it was not a lawful marriage at the beginning. It is not impossible, but it will mean that obstacles are much harder to overcome together.

The encouragement of sexual experimentation as a harmless thing for youth to indulge in has done untold damage to our societies. Those who promote it have been blinded to the negative effects of it in their own lives, thinking that the bad things that happen to them are just a part of life. Instead of asking a father for his consent to marry his daughter, the State has had to step in and institute a legal age for consent. Instead of marriage being for life, people live with concubines and commit adultery all their lives, some never even seeing their natural-law wife or husband ever again. Instead of accurately identifying the source of our problems as occurring way back in the age of innocence, innocents are encouraged to join in with the adultery at an ever earlier age and are ridiculed if they listen to their intuition and instincts and wait for the right one.

To hear of a young man bedding his much older teacher is not a good thing. It shows that the young man has a warped view of sex and what it is for. The only way this could happen is if his innocence had already been lost. This will have occurred in a myriad of ways before the physical, through television, films, peer pressure, even sex education at schools nowadays strips the children of innocence and hides the real importance of sex. They think they are being mature by sleeping around and losing their virginity, but what they are really doing is showing how damaged they are already and how far we have fallen as a society.

Early promiscuity is proof of the loss of innocence and the untimely loss of innocence is a tragedy. We need to go right back to the beginning if we want to see where it is that we have gone wrong, so that we can prevent the same mistakes being made by the new generations. The way to do this is to give sex the respect it deserves and to set a good example of fidelity and morality to those who look up to you.