The Time has Come to Firm Up Your Bootstraps

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Several millennials have expressed anger at my recent series of anti-millennial articles. However, these were not anti-millennial articles.

I fully understand that millennials have never had anything to work for, and thus they’ve not worked for anything. I’m not blaming anyone. Millennials grew up without any image of what humans were supposed to be.

I definitely get it and I’m not against anyone.

Someone pointed out that the only people who do have anything to believe in are the Antifa, who legitimately do believe in more brown people and more anal sex, and therefore they are the only really active millennials.

But my message is simply this: the apocalypse is here, and someone needs to survive it, and if you’ve lived in a city your entire life and just gotten by doing the bare minimum then you need to immediately change your entire mode of thought and prepare for the ultimate survival scenario.

Yes, I have said that you need to firm up your bootstraps. But there’s no other thing to say. These people are planning to put you in concentration camps. You have to get it together, and deal with the reality situation, as a matter of survival.

I’m warning all of you every way I know how. This is definitely all happening. All of the worst possible things are happening. And we need some of you to survive.

You do not want to go to a camp and be tortured by trannies. The only thing worse than that is taking the vax. And there is no way to avoid both those outcomes than to firmly shake those bootstraps and start making moves.

I know you people. I know that a bunch of you have refused the vax, but you think you can still just stay in your room and all of this will go away somehow. Maybe you haven’t formed that thought fully – “it will all go away somehow” – but you have some version of that in your brain, which is the reason why you have not figured something out and gotten out of the city.

I don’t know your situations. You all have different situations. I’m sure they’re all pretty shitty. But you have to understand that this is now officially happening. The worst is definitely right up the road there. You’ve got to figure something out. They are going to lock you in these cities. You need to do something.

I’m not blaming you. But it doesn’t matter if I am or am not. The only thing that matters now is that these things are happening, and you’ve got to figure something out, because this is going to get very bad, very quickly. You can all feel it. You all know I’m right. There is no longer a path back to what we considered normalcy. We are on the road to hell, and if you do not veer off, you’re going to get gobbled.

The long-term outlook is not bad. In fact, it is great. But the worst things that have ever happened to human beings in all of history are about to happen to Americans over the period of the next decade. You have to get out of the way of this lumbering menace.

That’s all I’m saying.