The Time for Men-Only Gyms Has Come

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 18, 2019

Now more than ever, men need gyms where they can work out without being sexually harassed by disgusting gym sluts. 

Over the past few months, I have started to take my own personal physical fitness much more seriously. As a result, I am now training harder in the gym than when I was in my teens and early 20s. Due to the extra time I have been spending in the gym, it has become abundantly clear to me that there is an urgent need for men-only gyms.

I’ve worked out at various gyms throughout the United States and Europe and all of these gyms suffer from the same problem. You have these hordes of gym thots running around in yoga pants and other sexually suggestive outfits. By dressing this way, these bitches are sexually harassing men who are simply trying to get in a good workout.

It’s almost like the gym has become a bizarre variation of what the night club used to be. These women will go to the gym wearing these slutty outfits for the sole purpose of trying to get the attention of men. Some dress this way even though they are at the gym with their boyfriend. Their intention is to attract a different man who they perceive to be of higher value than the man they’re currently with. The term “monkey branching” has been often used to describe this reprehensible behavior.

Your typical run-of-the-mill gym thot. As you can see, she looks no different than your average street whore.

It’s an utterly disgusting situation. I’ve been at brothels where the women you pay to have sex with have been dressed more conservatively than what I’ve been seeing at the gym lately.

But when I go to the gym, I am there because I have specific goals I want to accomplish. Picking up and fucking a slutty-looking, yoga pants-wearing millennial woman with retarded tattoos on her body is not among them.

Another example of a gym thot in her natural habitat. This one being of the tattooed variety.

Their presence is not only distracting but a legitimate safety concern. On one specific occasion I was getting ready to do a set on the bench press and this slut wearing yoga pants and a revealing tank top intentionally came into my general personal space. She grabbed a bench and put it in-between where I was sitting and the dumbbell rack. From there she proceeded to do bent over rows in front of me with her tits hanging out. She was probably no more than two or three feet in front of where I was sitting.

When I ignored her, she switched positions to the point where she was practically shoving her fat ass in my face. At that point, I did my set and walked away for a bit until she finally left the area.

The point being is that I should not have to deal with some whore flashing her body in front of me as I am trying to do sets on the bench press. This is sexual harassment. I had a little over 100kg on the bar. And while that might not be a tremendous amount of weight, you still have to be focused on what you are doing or you could seriously hurt yourself. In fact, I would argue that the bench press is one of the more dangerous lifts if not the most dangerous out of all the major lifts.

Take for example this poor guy who died as a result of a bench press accident.

Generation Iron:

Bodybuilding certainly isn’t the simplest of tasks. While the world at large want to look at the endeavor as simply an exercise in how much an individual can heft over their heads, it’s an activity that requires a tremendous amount of dedication and skill. Weightlifting shouldn’t be something that is taken lightly as it can be overwhelmingly dangerous. Sometimes accidents are unavoidable, but even though that may be an inherent truth of life it’s still truly heart wrenching when something unfortunate happens in the gym.

In the case of Kyle Thomson, it’s a case of a young man gone too soon.

An Iowa State University student, Kyle Thomson, 22, was bench pressing in the gym on Monday, December 26, 2016. Training at Elite Edge Transformation Center, Thomson had 315 lbs on the barbell when he attempted the lift that would tragically take his life. Some time during the lift it would appear that Thomson lost control as the barbell fell on his neck. Even with a spotter, the bar was able to slip from the young lifters hands.

This is why the presence of these attention-seeking gym thots is a genuine safety hazard.

The most fucked up thing about all this is that the less interest I have in interacting with these gym thots, the more interest these gym thots seem to have in interacting with me. But this is typical with women. They show more interest in you if you show an indifference or contempt for them.

As a result of this, I firmly believe that we need to have gyms that are for men only. It is long overdue. There are already all sorts of gym facilities that are for women only. In fact, many gyms have specifically dedicated workout areas just for women that men aren’t allowed in. If women can have their own gym spaces, why the fuck can’t men have their own gym spaces?

I think a chain of men-only gyms would be wildly successful. These gyms could contain numerous powerlifting racks, bench presses and all sorts of other legitimately useful weightlifting equipment. You wouldn’t have to eat up half of the gym space with all sorts of bullshit cardio equipment and stupid exercise machines frequently used by gym sluts.

These gyms would also help fulfill a desperate societal need for male only spaces. Men need places where they can interact and talk with other men. This is something our society no longer has thanks to Jewish feminism, which directed institutional power to eliminate most if not all male only spaces. Nothing good has come of this.

We need a real life version of Guy Heaven gyms and we need them now. Us men deserve to have safe gym environments where we are not being sexually harassed by predatory whores. It is our fundamental human right.