The Thot Question: Why do Women Have Breasts?

Daily Stormer
June 1, 2017

Personal confession: Lindybeige is like, one of my favorite YouTube channels. I love all of his quirky videos about life in the middle ages, antiquity, ancient wars, modern wars, the whole thing. Lindybeige is offering concentrated geek-crack, and I’m buying wholesale.

Imagine my pleasure when I saw that he finally approaches the thot question, through the amusing enigma of why human females have permanent breasts (unlike all other mammals, who only grow breasts after giving birth, while they’re feeding their young).

As it turns out, breasts are a devious evolutionary ploy to enable women greater freedom to engage in thotery (or should it be thottery? I’m not sure if I’m inventing a new word here or if someone already coined it) [You invented it, but it should be “thottery” -AA].

Either way, it’s a great video, and the argument is well argued.