The Taste of Freedom: IMF to Grant Ukraine $27 Billion Loan

Daily Stormer
March 27, 2014

Beware of what the Jew is selling, Ukraine.
Beware of what the Jew is selling, Ukraine.

The Jewish media celebrated the pro-Western coup in Ukraine as a great victory for “freedom” and “modernization”. The true nature of this new freedom will soon become apparent to the Ukrainian people.

The IMF has announced that it generously will be granting Ukraine up to $27 billion in loans. In exchange for this (interest-bearing) gift, the Jewish puppet-government in Ukraine has agreed to austerity measures.

From Reuters:

Kiev opened the way for the IMF deal by announcing on Wednesday a radical 50-percent hike in the price of domestic gas from May 1 and promising to phase out remaining energy subsidies by 2016, an unpopular step Yanukovich had refused to take.

It also accepted a flexible exchange rate that is fuelling inflation, set to hit 12-14 percent this year, according to Yatseniuk, and a central bank monetary policy based on inflation targeting.

That’s not too much to ask of a country, a measly 50% increase in the price of energy and control of monetary policy. It’s only a 50% increase, and it’s just on petroleum products, the most important commodities in the world economy.

Don’t they know that freedom isn’t free?