The Taliban is to the 2020s Right What the North Vietnamese Were to the 1960s Left

As a great man once said: “objects in the rearview mirror may appear closer than they are.”

We may consider this great wisdom when considering the war in Afghanistan.

The war is rapidly approaching entry into its third decade, and virtually nothing has changed on the ground. The Taliban remains the overwhelming and obvious power, due to the massive support they have from the population.

Some of us are no doubt old enough to remember when this war was billed as a cowboy mission to take revenge for 911. Toby Kirk… or Toby Bruce… Toby something sang a song about how we were going to put a boot into Osama bin Laden’s ass as revenge for our double towers.

However, as this war has drawn out, it has become clear that the mission is not in fact a right-wing revenge quest. According to the lying Jew media and Jew Pentagon, Osama was killed a decade ago in a brave mission by the Barking Seals, and his body dumped into the sea. At least since then, “the mission” (as it is falsely called) has clearly been related to explicitly liberal, leftist goals. The latest and current narrative is that the troops are defending women’s rights, and generally trying to turn the country into a degenerate cesspit of feminism and faggotry.

Just go look at the front page of The Guardian at any time. It is nothing but “my vagina, goyim, my patriarchy – save me GI Joe!”

Compare this to articles in 1974 about capitalist South Vietnam fearing the impending destruction of the free market at the hands of Ho Chi Minh and his henchmen. It is precisely the same narrative – but the reverse.

The supposed enemy, the Taliban, should appeal to right-wingers. They represent the patriarchy, vaginal sex, authority, tradition, and virtually every other thing that the average American right-winger would put on a list of things he believes in.

The sense of purpose on the faces of these men… there is nothing I would not give to see those facial expressions on an army of patriotic white Christians.

The supposedly diabolical mission of the Taliban is to restore the basic order of nature in the lands of their race. That’s all. That is why it is so easy for them to take such huge swaths of territory so quickly – there is no resistance. The people are welcoming them back, after having long suffered confusion under the bizarre reign of the Americans, who attempted to fill their heads with gibberish democracy and human rights and liberate their daughters so they could send them on a destructive sex rampage against the country.

There is nothing monstrous about the Taliban. They are not a CIA-backed group like ISIS, so they are not drowning people in cages or engaging in cannibalism. If someone protests their reconquista, they are shot in the same way a garbage man would lift his hundredth load of trash of the day and throw it in the back of the truck.

In fact, the values of the Taliban are much closer to the values of the present-day American right than the values of the North Vietnamese were to the values of the 1960s left.

Jane Fonda went to Vietnam to support the North Vietnamese, despite the fact that they were as likely to gang-rape the bitch as they were to welcome her. The North Vietnamese did not fetishize negroes, nor were they going to legalize anal sex. Their primitive conception of communism amounted to “yankee go home.” Basically, the leftists who supported the North Vietnamese were pretty much just traitors and scoundrels, who claimed that the Viet Cong shared their values as an excuse to attack America.

The Taliban, on the other hand, actually is a group that I have no disagreement with. If there was a Taliban candidate running for office in my district in Ohio, I would vote for him without thinking twice. In fact, I would donate to his campaign and go out shilling his fliers.

Sure, they look weird. But underneath all of those rags, they stand for the same thing I stand for: the fact that God has ordained a hierarchy on earth, which manifests itself in the form of patriarchy.

In many ways, Afghanistan is the reverse of the end of Vietnam. During the Obama years, Afghanistan became Obama’s war, in the same way that a war that John Kennedy started became Dick Nixon’s war. Nixon made Vietnam about fighting against communism, just as Obama made Afghanistan about fighting for feminism.

Basically: I have no idea why the right is attacking Joe Biden for surrendering in Afghanistan. This should be a celebration on the right at the same level as the end of Vietnam was a celebration on the left.

The Anal Empire is surrendering, just as the capitalist freedom empire surrendered in Vietnam.

People are all twisted up about this, apparently because they are still thinking in expired terms about the nature of the American Empire. The Empire does not represent good home cooking or freedom or God’s justice. It represents a grown man masturbating into the anus of a young boy, while a stern fat lesbian oversees and makes sure the boy doesn’t wiggle away to safety.

Everywhere on earth, the US military flies the rainbow flag, which is the symbol of pederasty.

The war in Afghanistan was always a Jewish swindle, but at least when it started, it was dressed up in all of this cowboy revenge mission gibberish. That no longer exists. This war is now just openly an anal agenda.

Frankly, as we can see in the rearview mirror, the North Vietnamese were not exactly bluepilled. But the Taliban is redpilled hard.

Watching the ZOGbot “Afghan security forces” surrender to these pillars of righteousness brings me great pleasure.

Finally, at least somewhere on earth, the forces of truth and justice have prevailed.

At the very least, you’ve gotta have some kind of respect for the way these niggas are riding like Genghis Khan in their Toyota trucks, and fully wiping out 20 years of Pentagon strategy and trillions of American taxpayer dollars.

Here come dat boi! He in his truck!

It’s fantastic, this primal violence and masculine virility.

I think the New York Post and the rest of the right-wing should stop attacking Biden for surrendering, and instead mock him for losing an endless war for feminism and gay anal ramming.

I’m ecstatic about the surrender, and I hope the Taliban does take Kabul and burn down the US embassy. At this point, any US embassy is no different than a satanic church or a gay disco.