The Superbowl: Two Packs of Negroes to Smash into Each Other While Chasing Ball, America Cheers

Daily Stormer
January 31, 2014

"Our pack of niggers is gonna whoop your pack of niggers!"
“Our pack of niggers is gonna whoop your pack of niggers!”

In Washington DC, our lawmakers are plotting to grant amnesty to the millions of savage mestizos who have invaded our lands, but for most Americans, there is something far more important going on right now: Superbowl weekend.

White people everywhere are working themselves into a frenzy over the outcome of a match where two packs of millionaire Negroes will chase after a ball. These black animals are held up as idols, which does much to glamorize the “thug life” so prized by today’s youth.

Role models for America's youth.
Role models for America’s youth.

But the Superbowl does much more than distract Americans with a trivial game; as the highest rated TV broadcast of the year, it also serves as an ideal platform for spreading the Jewish ideologies of race mixing and sexual perversion.

The anti-White, anti-Christian agenda will be evident this Sunday, as we can see from some of the advertisements that will air during the show.

First we have another Cheerios commercial featuring the same bi-racial family as last year’s “Just Checking” ad.

This ad presents the liberal fantasy of the responsible, caring black father. In reality, being romantically involved with Negroes puts a woman at great risk of STDs, abuse, and abandonment. But the constant repetition of the fantasy image on TV is enough to convince many impressionable White women that race-mixing is completely healthy and normal.

There will also be an ad featuring disgusting lesbian Ellen Degeneres, who is apparently selling some sort of smart phone app.

Once again, the repetition of the “cute”, inoffensive homosexual hides the fact that these people are guilty of a morally reprehensible perversion, one which they wish to spread to our children.

And for added entertainment, we get to enjoy a performance of America the Beautiful by Negress and suspected lesbian Queen Latifah, who recently gained media attention with her participation in the live, on-air homosexual “weddings” performed at the Grammys.

The ugly, degenerate face of Jew-run America will be proudly displayed throughout the entire event. The cheers of ignorant White Americans will be cheers in favor of their own destruction.

The soul of Jew-run America.
The soul of Jew-run America.