The Sterling Drama: A Gaggle of Frantic Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 30, 2014

The Jew Donald Sterling with the reptile woman who brought the drama
The Jew Donald Sterling with the reptile woman who brought the drama

Though I am loving every aspect of the drama surrounding the Jew Donald Sterling’s racist comments, my favorite part of the story was the part where TMZ got caught editing out Sterling’s statements about Jews from the tape the original tape.

The TMZ Jews refused to say how they got a hold of the tape, but it is rather clear that it was sent to them for free by the Negress girlfriend for the purpose of revenge on Sterling.

Washington Post:

Yet Evan Rosenblum, executive producer of TMZ and TMZ Sports, didn’t put much credence in the whole “alleged” thing. “We spent eight days” vetting the tape before publication, “contacting everybody under the sun and doing our due diligence trying to vet this thing. It didn’t go up on the Web site until we were 100 percent sure it was authentic.”

After NBA Commissioner Adam Silver today banned Sterling from the league, those “allegeds” will find their way to a speedy extinction.

TMZ is a Los Angeles-based gossip site that just added a colossal story to its scoop ledger. “This is one of the biggest stories we’ve ever done,” says Rosenblum. Other big TMZ stories include Mel Gibson’s arrest for DUI, the death of Michael Jackson, Michael Richards’s twisted rant and many more. TMZ was founded by Harvey Levin, described on the site as an “American televisioHarvey Levinn producer, lawyer, legal analyst and a celebrity reporter.”

Rosenblum wouldn’t divulge details on just how TMZ acquired the Sterling tape, beyond this: “The reason we were able to secure the tape is based purely on fact that we have an experienced news desk that has spent the years building a solid network of sources and contacts, and the fact that we got the tape was the result of those relationships over the years.” The tape, he says, wasn’t a “gift dropped on the doorstep.” A lawyer for Stiviano claims that she didn’t release the material to the media. TMZ declines to comment on that denial.

The full tape, with the statements about Jews in Israel being treated like dogs, was later released by a different tabloid, Deadspin

Deadspin has acquired an extended, 15-minute version of the conversation between Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his then-girlfriend V. Stiviano. If the original nine-minute tape acquired by TMZ left any questions about Sterling’s opinions regarding minorities, the audio here should remove all doubt that he’s a doddering racist with views not too far removed from the plantation.

…and TMZ tried to appear confused.


More Donald Sterling audio has been released … this time, you can hear the Clippers’ owner explaining that he doesn’t think he’s racist because he puts food on the tables of his his black employees.

The audio — just released on Deadspin — appears to pick up where the clip published on TMZ Sports leaves off … with Sterling’s girlfriend V. Stiviano challenging him on April 9th about why she can’t post photos of black people on her Instagram page.

Note the use of the word “appears” – as if they had, over the course of a day, forgotten that they edited the original tape. Or is the implication that the Negress sent an edited copy to them, with the Jewish racism statements removed, and a copy with them included to Deadspin?

Harvey Levine, TMZ Jew
Harvey Levine, TMZ Jew

It appears as though TMZ agreed to release the tape solely because their releasing of it would prevent another media outlet from releasing it without editing out the comments; if they could have avoided the story altogether, they likely would have.

Surprisingly, no one seems to be calling them out on this.

I also find it fantastic that the ADL’s Abe Foxman is attacking the Jew Donald Sterling, in the same week he’s attacked the Jew John Kerry.

And of course, the Jew head of the NBA, Silver, was forced to fine and ban the Jew Sterling.

NBA Jew Adam Silver
NBA Jew Adam Silver

Though things are still shaping up for further chaos in this unbelievable drama scenario, it appears as though this event signals an ongoing breakdown of the cohesive nature of the Jewish race, as they stumble, confused, trying to figure out what is best for the Jews in the midst of a mess so large no one could possibly manage it.