The SPLC Keeps a Countdown of America’s Dwindling White Population

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 2, 2019

As a Twitter figure recently noticed in a video showing the SPLC headquarters in Alabama, leading “hate expert” Mark Potok keeps a list on his wall calculating the replacement of white people in America.

It’s hard to make out, but right next to the American countdown is a European one as well.

The source is a documentary that came out recently about the Alt-Right. There’s a preview up on YouTube, but it seems to be just the same old shtick of Richard Spencer as mastermind supervillain and heroic Antifa heroes rising to the challenge and shutting him down, so definitely not worth the $4 dollars YouTube is charging.

You should share the picture with your Alt-Lite, patriotic, MAGA friends.

Here’s a close-up:

Ask them: if race doesn’t matter, why does the SPLC have a White countdown meter? What does replacing white people have to do with “fighting hate”? Are the people doing this not the real haters? 

Then follow up with: what ethnicity is Mark Potok? 

Show them a photo and let them take a wild guess.

Show them his bio:

And then show them this quote of his from an article he wrote for the SPLC website:

White dominance is on the decline as the demographic white majority heads for oblivion over the course of the next 30 years. Klansmen are not openly lynching black people, and police departments and other institutions of the state are not shot through, as they once were, with white supremacists bent on naked oppression.

Then put it all together for them – namely, that this is yet another stark example of a Jew working feverishly to try and change the demographics of this country and shut down any White dissent about the future that the SPLC has planned where Whites are a hated and persecuted minority in their own countries.

Those anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists aren’t making anything up. 

You can look and see for yourself. Even the source is a lefty anti-White documentary, hardly Nazi propaganda. The camera happened to catch this Jewish man’s demographic countdown meter in a film no doubt mocking the Alt-Right.

So where is the anti-Semitic conspiracy?

Any sane person could only come to one logical conclusion: that there is, in fact, an anti-White conspiracy. This is just further proof. Yet another example to add to the list and to pin up on a wall.